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  1. & Sangmin omg I really do love you but why would Hyunjoo be so overcome with emotion seeing the words 'she's pretty' like I guarantee she understands that she is and hears it often like??? I kind of lowkey think he doesn't understand women all that much lmao). Hyunjoo is honestly a PRO, I really bow down & should start taking notes. This isn't a negative thing at all, she just really has such a firm grasp of knowing exactly what would make a man fall for her, while not making it obvious either.

    I get a sense that Sangmin (and One) are actually huge romanticists hahaha. In terms of Hyunjoo being overcome with emotion because of Dogyun writing "she's pretty", I do agree with you that he kind of overreacted, but I think that the panelists were really impressed at that part because saying that to someone else, especially when you don't know if your feelings are mutual, is considered really forward in Korean culture. 


    ILike Eana, I really appreciate that the moment Hyunjoo realized how strong Dogyun's feelings for her were, she didn't lead him on and instead signaled that she doesn't necessarily feel the same way at that time. I'm honestly taking mental note of what she's been doing tbh lol...but it also helps that she has the "first love" good looks going for her so idk if that would work for normies like me 0u0plz.png .


    p/s: why she keeps talking while pursing her lips? even hyunjoo didn't do that

    I don't think it's her trying to be cute, but I think it's a habit of hers when she's thinking. I actually find myself doing that pretty often when I'm contemplating something.

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  2. When Daeun said that she figured out that she actually prefers people who are good at making others comfortable, I can't help but feel like she wasn't entirely being honest with herself and she was just voicing this out loud in order to convince herself? I'm just afraid of a situation happening where she actually still is interested in Hyunwoo but because it's not mutual, she's trying to convince herself that someone like Jaeho would be a better match in order to soften the blow.


    I think that this episode revealed that Jaeho's feelings are actually genuine. He's been one of the most straightforward about his feelings but I think he needs to learn how to take a step back and allow the other person some space to breathe; judging by his conversation with Youngjoo, I'm guessing that this is/was an overarching problem in his past relationships. As genuine as his feelings are, because he's much more forward than the average person, he needs to realize that he might have to restrain himself a little so that the other person doesn't feel like they're being pulled along without any time to sit back and think. Being too forward, even if the feelings are mutual, can end up backfiring on him because the other party might feel stifled and as if they're trapped with no other option...but like Youngjoo said, maybe that means that the other person just doesn't realize his true values and by extension, means that they might not just be a good fit for him. That conversation he had with Youngjoo when he touched upon his past relationships ending badly really made my heart ache; I think it's the first time we've really seen Jaeho revealing his emotional side.


    Honestly though, as others might condemn him for his actions (manipulating conversations to make it clear to the others that Daeun is off the table), these are tactics that I often see people use in real life. There's a saying somewhere (I think it's Korean? Not entirely sure) that I'm realizing rings true the older I get— "Everyone becomes pathetic when it comes to matters dealing with love". unsure.png

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  3. Why was everyone freaking out over Daeun going to Hyunwoo's restaurant? They might just be friends, they did live in a house together for a month+ and out of everyone, she seems the most amicable to me. As much as I don't really like that she's on the show probably because of her career aspiration, she comes off as a very nice person who would generally do her best to get along with everyone.


    Watching Gyubin is so sad because he seems to try to appeal to Youngjoo that he's more than just a younger guy, but everything he does just shouts youth haha. It probably is difficult for her too because she has a younger brother so it might be a barrier that's even more difficult to overcome, aside from her strong feelings for Hyunwoo.


    I'm so glad that the editors cleared up the whole Gyubin entering the girls' room!!! And through this episode you can see that the guys actually have been inside the girls' room at least a few times...glad to know that this show isn't (as) scripted as it came off the last episode.


    Watching Jangmi and Do Gyun's date was so refreshing~ I sympathize with Hyunjoo but I really loved the chemistry between Jangmi and Do Gyun...and also, did you guys see what looked like little attempts of skinship when they were at the wine bar towards the end of the date (when they were exchanging the hand creams)???? That made me so happy~ Idk how Americanized Jangmi is (she's from Flushing/Queens and despite being fluent in Korean, she does have a slight accent), but it seems like she's a lot more comfortable with skinship and almost seems to have to restrain herself from initiating it because she's on the show??? I just wanted her to grab Do Gyun's hand so badly to see his reaction laugh.png .

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  4. Also, in regards to Daeun, girl is unfortunately such a bore to watch because she just kind of seems to...exist and just does the bare minimum?


    Like I said in my comment above about Gyubin, I think the staff shouldn't have casted her, but for obviously very different reasons. I just don't think they should have casted someone who is entering/working in the entertainment industry because there's a lack of sincerity to their words and actions and it just comes off as them being in it to for the promotion. Obviously the others can also have gone on the show for less than genuine purposes as well, but the direct correlation between their work and being in a reality TV show just isn't there like it is for Daeun, an aspiring actress? That can also be applied to Yoonkyung from Season 1, but she was at least working in the footwear industry (and let's be honest, she's just one of those rare people who are not only striking to look at, but also is very charming).

  5. Despite all the mess, why do I have a feeling that hyunwoo like youngju more than she does? Like deep down hyunwoo already acknowledge youngju as his soulmate. But to youngju is not quite there yet, just felt a deep attraction towards him at this moment?

    Oh definitely, especially since he has the memory of her catching his eye in the past and clearly she's living up to or even surpassing his expectations. Even if someone isn't big on fate, being given a chance like this is so hard to come by that it adds an element of intrigue and unique excitement that most people don't get in their relationships...I know I would totally be head over heels like HW seems to be laugh.png. I'm just worried that their past connection + sharing similarities in their likes (the speaker, the song, and soondae-guk) might blind HW into thinking that they must be super compatible with each other and ignore signs that they actually might not be a good fit. It's honestly really difficult to see how much HW really knows YJ as a viewer...I just hope that he's not creating this false image of who she is and putting her on a pedestal because that's a trap that's so easy to fall into.


    I really feel for Gyubin, but I'm not sure there's a real romantic half for him in the house. 


    Also, does anyone know how the show is filmed? Obviously, there's no crew in the house, but how are the actual dates filmed? I'm just thinking of how deathly awkward that Hyunwoo/Youngjoo dinner would be if there were additional people around, like, adjusting angles and zooming while one party is on the verge of tears and another is having a light mental breakdown.

    Honestly, I don't think it was a great idea to cast him...he's not only younger than all the girls, which puts him in a big disadvantage (especially with such a large age gap between him and Hyunwoo, the oldest hyung in the house, so you can't just help but compare the two), but also because he's currently still a student. I think him being a student just reinforces the idea that he's younger and inexperienced so he really has big two strikes against him. Considering they're only spending a short period of time living together, superficial impressions like these are hard to look past unfortunately...poor Gyubin; I don't even know what exactly I want to see happen so that he isn't stuck in this situation but again, I don't want the Heart Signal staff to intervene just so he comes off as less pitiable or to create more drama.


    I'm guessing that for indoor scenes they most likely just install a bunch of cameras throughout the restaurants/interior? And for outdoor scenes, there are camera-men, but they probably follow at some kind of distance.



    guys... I know this is OT but I laughed when I saw this


    ...what even...? 0u0plz.png

  6. I don't understand why some people are saying that they wish HW was more direct? Because unfortunately there's the rule where they can't say anything too direct to the other person's face, so in his mind, he's being as direct as he can...and during the car ride, he kept talking about how he's strangely nervous, shy, etc. I mean, how forward does he have to get for some people to be satisfied? Fortunately, people in this thread are generally being mature and not jumping the gun but in some other places it's like they were just looking for another excuse to jump on the hate bandwagon again. I just hope things work out between the two and this doesn't end up in them clearing their misunderstanding after moving on to other people.


    I've stated before that Gyubin is such a sweet guy (honestly, he's actually the Serin 2 of this season) and I wouldn't mind it if he and YJ were able to naturally start developing feelings for each other, but at this point it would seem way too contrived...if YJ ends up picking him after this misunderstanding with HW, that would really leave such a bad taste in my mouth. And like the others stated, it's just SO weird that the one time we're shown one of the guys finally entering the girls' room is when Youngjoo was crying and it just had to be Gyubin and not any of the others (girl or guy) who happened to see YJ in that state? Yeah okayyyyy. 5cF9Biq.png.


    I was actually looking forward to Daeun and Jaeho drama but totally forgot about it while watching the episode hahah. I wonder if they're going to even bother showing Hyunjoo and Daeun's dates?? I actually hope so because I need a break from the Hyunwoo & Youngjoo drama. Also, I can't believe there are still so many episodes left!!! Just the thought that we're not even halfway through actually makes me even more worried lol.

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  7. That "shady thing" you mention is basically a brief 5 sec of her action. And plus it shows to me that she is genuine in what her feeling is.


    And i agree wth u at why the heck is YJ-serin2 and why is HW-daddy, he's a shark.

    I re-watched episode 4 and when Youngjoo was asking her what was going on, Hyunjoo continued descending the stairs so it's very likely Youngjoo found out through the others. It's not HJ I have a problem with, it's her course of action at that moment regardless of how brief it was. Much like in situations when a child asks their parents or a friend asks another friend to clarify a situation and the other party just gives a vague answer, it just leads to more confusion and the child or friend may even feel like they're purposely being kept in the dark even if that's not the other person's intention. Obviously this is something that bothers me a lot more than it does to you.


    I think maybe people thought that Youngjoo vaguely resembled Serin (especially their eye area)? HW being referred to as "daddy", "alpha", or as you put it, a "shark", is hilarious to me because as the season is progressing, HW clearly has no idea what his presence is like in the house and he's turning out to just be a slightly awkward, confused ball of fluff laugh.png .

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    The biggest "victim" of this is Hyunjoo. I mean, yes, she is "sly" but she is not an evil witch like many seem to think lmao. She is just playing the game how she knows it. Even Daeun and Young Joo are playing the game, in the ways they know how to. Not just the other girls, Jae Ho is currently like the "slyest" person in that house rn imo and you don't see him getting attacked for it! The only iffy thing from her has so far been not telling Young Joo where she was going with Hyun Woo during the hospital thing (when they only knew each for 3 days (?) and she wasn't obligated at all to tell her "rival" anything, would have just been the nicer thing to do).


    In relation to this, a lot of people seem to also be projecting onto Young Joo this image of being less in the "know" than the other girls (kind of making her Serin 2.0 when she is anything but). She knows what she is doing and is definitely not helpless or lacking from attention. Plus she and Daeun were acting super cliquey and mean girl-ish in the first two episodes (not judging them for it, Hyunjoo was super annoying in the first episode even for me).


    Starting from the first episode, Hyunjoo was/is as giggly with Daeun and Youngjoo as she is with the boys so I have a feeling that her giggling is her way of subconsciously comforting herself when she's in an awkward or uncomfortable situation or at least to subconsciously diffuse the tension in the room? Hyunjoo probably doesn't even realize how often she does it and it's kind of sad that she was/is hated because of it. The only time that it can be a problem in real life is when it can cause misunderstandings because it's an "inappropriate" response when other people think that she's not taking them or the situation seriously.

    The only part that really irked me (aside from the stupid irrational side that wishes for her to just let YJ and HW interact with each other more but I still don't dislike her during those moments) was when she was being really shady about where she was going with HW. I get that crushes can make people irrational and immature but...come on, really? I've seen similar situations happen amongst friends, co-workers, and acquaintances and this kind of behavior just doesn't settle well with me. 


    I also don't get why Youngjoo was called Serin2?? Like where did that even come from?

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  9. Maybe you're right, for a guy like Hyunwoo or Jaeho who are more settled and probably have more experience with women in general, they'd perhaps tire of Hyunjoo, since they seem to moreso understand that women are people/individuals, and not really "types", unlike how Dogyun describes Hyunjoo (bright)? The bright, happy, pretty act is pretty much no-fail in getting someone's interest, but keeping it really requires the girl clicking with the guy, rather than constantly having to be something for someone and expect that 'type' or character or quality from them, if that makes sense at all.


    I really do currently have a steady preference for Hyunwoo/Youngjoo, and unless something drastic happens (like a sign of disinterest or it gradually withering into a slow death), I can't see that changing much. That being said, I do think there's something there with Dogyun & Youngjoo. I suppose it could just be kinship/genuine friendship, but, in a real-life situation rather than the contrived one set up by producers and cameras for the housemates, Dogyun would eventually likely develop or realize romantic interest in Youngjoo. I mean, she's already the girl he "likes" most as a person (while his interest in Hyunjoo somewhat seems like projecting a fantasy onto her/who he thinks she is, rather than who he knows her to be). Or maybe I'm just projecting because I just saw this lmfao https://www.instagram.com/p/BiBrwK7hGey/?taken-by=channela_insta


    Anyways, I'm still trying to understand the promotional material, which is strangely throwing me off. Based on the editing, showmakers knew the popular ship would be Hyunwoo/Youngjoo, but Dogyun/Jangmi are the largest and in center of the main poster, and the trailers and teasers point to the exact same couples as seated in it. Maybe literally none of this is relevant and I'm just a Reply series fan that tries to find odd clues in similar things, I don't know, but it's strange when S1's promo material (namely posters) was pretty accurate in ~spoiling the big final couple.

    No, that makes perfect sense! You took the words right out of my mouth. I guess in a sense that's the whole idea of the manic pixie-dream girl but it's a much, much more diluted version in this case. Character traits like "bright", "shy", "loud", etc. are superficial and are pretty much just first-impressions so basing compatibility purely off of those trait would be a bit nonsensical.


    That video!!! The Heart Signal staff seriously know what they're doing this season...teasing their viewers like this </3. If only Heart Signal was longer and could then include the housemates developing their bonds with each other in general. So sort of like Terrace House but a bit more faster paced. So far everyone is loving the Zero-Text Bros and watching the refreshing talk between the girls was also so pleasant to watch, especially since they're supposed to be "love-rivals" and there's that dumb stereotype of girls getting super catty when it comes to things like this ohpressor.png


    Aside from me wanting HJ to not get in the way of YJ and HW, I do like her as a person. I've read other opinions where they think/thought she was conniving and manipulative (although I was not a fan of how she was so reluctant to tell YJ where she was going when she was accompanying HW to the hospital), I've always found her to be overall, pretty direct and honest, which are traits I always appreciate. Hopefully we won't see any evil-editing because she doesn't deserve any more hate than she's been getting already...and I hope she isn't so one-track minded and gives the other boys a chance.


    I'm going to be so upset if the couples end up the way it is in the promo poster. It's so obvious that it's to unbelievable but at the same time...ugh, that would be so cruel of them to do that to us lol.

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  10. They also took pictures while they were watching the snow fall in their living room with the lights turned off but they didn't show it in episode 6  rlytearpls.png

    ? I thought they did at around 1:15, unless there's a scene in the trailer that I haven't seen. 



    It really is so hard not to jump on the Hyunwoo/Youngjoo bandwagon completely because they really do seem like they're made out to be the main couple in a drama~ but then you realize we're not even halfway through, it's way too early for 'set' relationships, there's tons of material to indicate they will both see other people during the show, & also suspicious things like the insta egg sandwiches, promo poster, looming presence of Daeun and Hyunjoo...This is actually a new situation for me with this show because I stopped watching S1 not out of frustration, but disinterest? Racecar & YK were tolerably cute but nothing that really stirred me enough to be the main couple of a dating show (also they seemed more like a couple out of circumstance rather than initial interest, idk), and there was pretty much no one else besides them couple-wise to rival, so S2 is proving to be surprisingly refreshing with a cast that really meshes friendship-wise and romantically, even if some can be irritating individually. 


    Also, re: Dogyun: I get the feeling he's not really someone to date (or even consider) outside of a specific type, so his one fault I've felt (which could really just be subjective) is slight shallowness kind of unbecoming of who he appears to be. But tbh if this were a longterm project like Terrace House, I'm sure 3/4 of the guys would all at least temporarily have a thing for Youngjoo, because while she's not really someone who captivates from the start, she does so with time through her girl-next-door thing (i.e. her being the only girl that could permanently break through the wall Dogyun puts up around everyone).


    I think the most utterly random combinations, like Daeun with Gyubin or Youngjoo with Jaeho would be hilariously interesting (or maybe just uncomfortable, in the case of the latter?) to watch. I really want Dogyun to have one date with Youngjoo and at least one with Hyunjoo, just out of plain curiosity of how he'd act, then he's free to be with Jangmi, which I'm actually lowkey excited for, they seem cute even from initial snippets of interaction. Gyubinnie would be hard to take seriously with anyone besides Youngjoo, really, although I'm sure he'd try his best with anyone; I really don't think he'll pine away for Youngjoo for the entirety of the show, but just like the psychologist said, I wouldn't mind it if he did. Hyunwoo I just wouldn't really like to see with anyone besides Youngjoo, at least for now, seeing him with the others tends to send a really irrational jealousy signal in my brain lmfao (even though I get it's impossible and who knows what'll transpire~~). Jaeho...I honestly have no clue. He, along with Daeun probably, are the ones I've had least interest in in the last six episodes so it's convenient they've been paired off together, but it's a bit of a blank for me because I don't even understand why they're paired off, really? To me, Daeun doesn't particularly seem interested at all, rather just going along with it because she hasn't gotten the chance to try out anyone else, besides Dogyun, who was way into too obviously into Hyunjoo? Hyunjoo could potentially suit Jaeho, actually, but I think the combination of Hyunwoo being the most popular and her catching feelings during the Christmas date could linger for a while. I really wonder if she'll actively pine for him or give up if she feels her opponent is in too deep with Grass oppa~~ for her to have a chance.



    I find it hard to see Hyunwoo going back to Hyunjoo because it's almost like "been there, done that"? Unlike Youngjoo who keeps showing new sides of herself, Hyunjoo's personality and charm seems rather...one-dimensional, for lack of a better word. In some ways that's her charming point because she doesn't feel the need to put up a facade but because it seems like she's pretty much the same both on and off a date, aside from initiating more skin-ship, I think that once someone starts losing interest in her it might be difficult for their feelings to be reignited.


    IMO, rather than it being slight shallowness on his part, it comes off as Do Gyun not being as used to being around women and/or inexperience with dating. I think I recall him saying in one of the past episodes that he's actually pretty awkward in front of girls, but I might be totally misremembering that...if that's the case, his lack of experience/general awkwardness around girls makes him less likely to venture into "unknown territory". I also think he has this preconceived notion that because he's on the calmer, more solemn side, he needs someone who's much more on the opposite side of the spectrum and that bleeds into what he finds attractive (both in terms of physicality and personality). Because he's so introspective and hesitant with his words and actions, rather than someone who's bright and bubbly, I think someone who is patient, considerate, but still forthright would be a good match. From the first episode, rather than finding him cold, I was like "yep, this boy is awkward and shy, and this is going to be fun to watch" laugh.png . He and Hyunwoo are both tied as my favorites for different reasons; I totally want to see HW's love-line with YJ come into fruition and think YJ brings out his shy, awkward, bumbling side (I love how everyone, including me, thought he was this confident super-Alpha when he's actually this adorable ball of fluff), but for Do Gyun, I just like him as an individual and he makes me want to coddle him like some kind of weird grandmother lol.


    Actually, after Yoon Jong Shin said "With Gyubin's personality, I think that he'll pick YJ until the very end" and the psychologist (whose intelligence and rationality I find attractive lol) said "I honestly wish that doesn't happen but I think that's what's going to happen" with One chiming in in the background also agreeing that he wish that wouldn't happen laugh.png...Omg, Gyubin and Daeun would be hilariously awkward and painful to watch. I'm torn between wanting to see that happen but also knowing that it would be a total waste of time lol.

    With Hyunwoo, I guess if anything I can see a potential with Daeun but that might just be because of viewers' speculation from the IG "couple" photos...but it also wants me to bark "back off, he and YJ belong together!" which is soooo dumb and stupidly obsessive of me unsure.png. I think I might prefer him moving forward with a new girl if he and YJ don't work out rather than him going back to HJ though.


    Have the same exact thought here, while Gyubin is nice, smart, and gentle but from what I see there was barely any spark on his date with Youngjoo. He did really good on that date and Youngjoo is so attentive and like 'give him a chance', but for me there is something missing in their chemistry for a couple material

    But from what I read there some people that said the final pairing would be exactly like the poster which means Youngjoo would end up with Gyubin



    - Beside Youngjoo-Hyunwoo (my main ship now) I want to see another interaction of Youngjoo-Dogyun as a friend while they give advices to each other (the one on eps 5 ending was really nice)

    - From the teasers Dogyun would have a date with Jangmi. After Dogyun-Youngjoo ship sink before even sailing, and his one sided love to Hyunjoo, I hope this time it's work for him and I really anticipating his date with Jangmi

    - In the first 3 eps Gyubin also portrayed like he had interest with Hyunjoo (he even think Hyunjoo is younger than him), so I hope those 2 would have a chance to deep talk/date at some point

    - I also curious if Hyunwoo and Daeun have a date, will they be compatible and have good chemistry or not. Because people said they would end up together and Daeun keeps drop hints on her IG, while for now I can't see Hyunwoo has any interest with her


    And I hope later they would hangout together like all of season 1 casts go to cheer Joowon for his racing match, maybe go 1 night camping on camp site, watch fireworks on new years eve, or watch Dogyun dancing on dance competition LOL



    I think it's because he was trying so hard that it makes people want to root for him but...I'm not a fan of that kind of mentality when it comes to relationships. For sports and academics sure, but definitely not when it comes to the matters of the heart laugh.png. YJ is clearly not that into him because she hasn't texted him after the courteous post-date text, so I find it a bit unfair for her that people think that Gyubin "deserves" her almost as if she was just an award for his hard-work (and pining)? unsure.png  It makes me a bit uncomfortable that the increase in Gyubin supporters just happened to coincide with episode 5's release, when a lot of people were so eager to jump on the HW hate bandwagon and it overall makes me feel bad for all parties involved. If YJ and GB do end up together, I hope it's not a matter of GB becoming YJ's rebound, but more so because she actually did find GB the most attractive.


    This show is making me think more about missed connections and how timing + dedication is actually so important...I think that especially these days with dating apps becoming increasingly commonplace, people are less patient and think that if there are no sparks right off the bat, that means that things won't work out. But some bonds just need more time to develop and you'll have a long, steady burn compared to a burst of heightened emotions from the start that ends up blowing out quite easily. You probably know what I'm getting at and yes, I'm referring to the "what could have been" between YJ and DG because seriously, if not for HW's intervention, I would have loved to see how this pairing played out, especially after their interactions at the end of episode 5 and sprinkled throughout episode 6 rlytearpls.png .



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  11. Why are some people Nice Guy â„¢ -ing Gyubin...? Like I get that he's very sweet but it's genuinely hard for me to grasp exactly why people are rooting so hard for Gyubin and Youngjoo when there were barely any moments between the two aside from their date and his pining looks lol. It kind of sucks because he seems like a genuinely good person and I appreciate that he's not being wishy-washy but...I still get vibes that YJ only views him as simply a "nice, younger guy" and their date wasn't all that special, so I'm just a bit puzzled as to why there have been so many Gyubin & Youngjoo shippers. I'm actually starting to feel sort of bad for him because it seems like some of his fans just seem to be hoping he and YJ get together because they're kind of going through second male-lead/under-dog syndrome and that because he's so "nice and sweet", seeing his heart signal going unrequited is just too painful for them to watch. Right now, I'm hoping that we get to see Youngjoo go on a second date with both Hyunwoo and Gyubin just so I can see if either party's feelings change and how things develop from there.


    Maybe it's Youngjoo in general, because I see sparks between her and every single one of the guys, except for Jaeho? Like such sweet, truly lovely potential with Gyubin (who I'd personally probably date if I were one of the contestants), a really strange kind of connection between her and Dogyun (I actually think she could maybe be the best longterm match for him in the house, although it'll seriously never happen because she doesn't seem like his type physically and thus he's never even considered it, and he's too close with Gyu for that to ever change)...


    Ugh I feel you because I'm trying to restrain myself from shipping YJ and HW 100% but it's SO hard because the editors are clearly manipulating us to root for this couple!!! I also agree with you on her and DG, but unfortunately I think it's too late and that they only view each other as "friends" at this point...and it'll be hard to break out of that mindset with the remaining time they have left at the house rlytearpls.png . I'm sooo curious at what could have been, but I guess just thinking about what if situations is a total waste of time. 



    What mix-match dates are you guys curious to see (even just to see the two interact, not necessarily on a romantic level)?

    I want to see Jaeho go on a date with the other girls (either Hyunjoo or Youngjoo, but I'm strangely not that interested in seeing him and Jangmi), Do Gyun with Youngjoo and Jangmi, Gyubin with Hyunjoo (although seeing him with Daeun or Jangmi would be hilariously awkward), and Hyunwoo with Daeun (although this date fills me with trepidation but I can't help my morbid curiosity lol).

  12. If anyone is interested in knowing the BGM of each episode, here's a link:




    Some people are saying that this season is 16 episodes (I don't know where their source is) but 16 seems so long? Unless they plan to give the housemates more opportunities to go on dates with different people because that's the only way I can see it lasting that long...Even if there are only 12 episodes like the previous season, that means we're only at the halfway point and a lot can change! From the trailers, we see Hyunwoo also going on a date with Daeun at one point (see the 2:57 mark in the video below) so Hyunwoo & Daeun being a couple is still a possibility. It seems that Daeun is just laying low at this point but I think the editors are bringing her back into the fold of things since she and Jaeho haven't been shown much in the most recent episodes.



    So glad I haven't given up on the Youngjoo & Hyunwoo ship because this episode gave me soooo many feelings and I caught myself grinning like an idiot the whole time Youngjoo was tipsy-drunk and making Hyunwoo and everyone giggle because of her antics.

    The preview for the next episode also seems to be riding on this wave, so I'm just hoping that the editors aren't out to break our hearts by giving us false hope...I would much prefer this season ending on a vastly different note from that of season 1 because then it would actually incentivize me to watch a third season. Although TBH, I'm just so in love with the cast this season that I don't know how they would be able to one-up them with a follow-up!


    Am I the only one to think that watching Daeun and Jaeho is kind of uncomfortable? It seems like this couple is losing a lot of steam because while Jaeho is/was quite persistent and obvious, Daeun on the other hand seems to barely reciprocate and make an effort despite her sending him texts. The part where she had to sit next to him after he picked her mirror and the look on her face was kind of...unpleasant to watch and made me wince because it seemed like she had the thought "not again" running across her mind. Maybe I'm just looking way too deeply into this and projecting my slightly negative-feelings about this couple onto the screen? Seeing them doing cross-fit together (and failing miserably at it) was 1000% more natural than any of the other times we've seen them in recent episodes, so at least there was that.


    I think the Daeun & Jaeho situation where at least one party is just settling for the other is why I've never been supportive of Youngjoo & Gyubin because I don't want that to see that happen. Also, as much as Gyubin is a sweet guy, I just don't find him very interesting because I'm all about Hyunwoo and Do Gyun lol. Even Jaeho is fun to watch, as cringey as his moments sometimes (okay, mostly) are. laugh.png



    Does anyone know how many episodes are left this season? 

    And thanks to those who provided the link to the most recent episode~ chuplz.png

  14. Also, for anyone who's interested in what Youngjoo and Do Gyun were saying at the end of the episode, here's a rough translation I did (there are a few parts that I was a bit iffy about so I apologize in advance for any potential errors, especially since I'm not a professional translator):




    Do Gyun jokingly tells Gyu Bin to prepare himself well before leaving the bathroom (because Youngjoo is in the room). Soyou and the other panelists briefly comment that Do Gyun is aware that Gyu Bin likes Youngjoo; Youngjoo and Do Gyun then talk about how she likes the room. 


    Do Gyun: You worked hard today.

    Youngjoo: Why does it look like you have a lot on your mind.

    Do Gyun: Me?

    YJ: Mm.

    DG: I just don't really know...to be honest, I was observing (or planning on observing?) for a while...I wanted to go about it naturally, but...(can be interpreted as "I wanted to go about it my way...")

    YJ: Yeah.

    DG:...but it makes me feel a little bit like "what am I doing?".

    YJ: Ah, you got anxious.

    DG: I want to re-collect my thoughts/feelings/myself now and start again â€”

    YJ: In a more calm/relaxed manner.

    DG: â€”It's just that after I watched and observed...having a good time together...that would be nice (?? A bit iffy about this part and how to translate it). 

    YJ: No, it's okay to trust yourself and go at your own pace.

    DG: Youngjoo, you seem like you're doing well.

    YJ: Me? Really? Doing well?

    DG: You really seem like you're doing well.

    Yj: I also have a lot on my mind of course...really. I also think that I didn't get to show enough of myself yet, even now. Oppa, you should also show your confidence. If you think "other people are doing things this way so I should also do it this way", it'll be more unnatural...just...just show the real Kim Do Gyun. You have to believe and have confidence that you have appeal. "I'm a great person. Look at how many people want to be a KMD (Korean Medicine Doctor/Oriental Medicine Doctor)." When you think like that, that's how you gain composure.

    DG: Right.

    YJ: If you lose your composure, from that point on, whatever small thing you do, nothing works out. There's always plenty of more time and opportunities.


    (panelists compliment YJ)

    DG: Can I hire you?

    YJ: That was good, wasn't it?

    DG: You pass. That was very good.

    YJ: That was good counseling, right?




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  15. This TEA. Jaeho was absolutely adorable in this ep tho - totally boyfriend material. I hope they work out just for his sake LOL.



    Also I feel like some of things regarding hyunwoo and youngjoo have been exaggerated a bit after watching the cuts (not the full ep LOL)




    1. People were saying that their short trip together (a mini-date?) was boring but it was really cute. Maybe cause I understand what they're saying? LOL. My favorite part is when they were in the car and hyunwoo was "upset" that she didn't realize he changed his hair and he said "It's probably because you don't have any interest in me why you didn't realize".. idk if he's dense but he probably for some weird reason think youngjoo is not interested in him wthplz.png Based on the car convo youngjoo also thinks he's into hyunjoo and kept on insinuating it a bit which would also lead someone to think you're linking them as a couple. I think this couple has a few misunderstandings lol. 


    2. One of the panelists mentioned that YoungjooxHyunwoo date was like one of a long time couple and everything was natural in comparison to hyunjooxhyunwoo's date where hyunwoo has never dated that type of girl that comes on strong so if you put things into perspective just based on being in the moment it is understandable why someone would choose hyunjoo.. it's confusing. And remember they have to send these texts daily so its not like cumulative feelings it's more spur of the moment (minus jaeho who is dead set on daeun MESS).


    3. People are always so quick to call people boring like dogyun for instance and now hyunwoo lol. I mean its not easy to be yourself in a house full of strangers - for example i am super shy around strangers but when i'm with my friends trollfaceplz.png . Hyunwoo did joke around a bit on the date and dogyun's moment with youngjoo showed p e r s o n a l i t y at the end QRLGYBO.png let me keep my mouth SHUT. They were my OG ship but the editing painted their relationship as tragic so i dropped them and hyunwoo came in the picture lol, i still ship it - i hope they atleast become good friends. 


    4. I didn't watch the full raw - just clips from their official youtube page but why is everyone saying that youngjoo knows hyunwoo didn't text her? I'm sure gyubin texted her (right?) so how would she know who sent it? Isn't it anonymous? (I didn't watch the ending) Fill me in.


    When I remember anything else I want to say I will post but this is all for now. 


    Remember folks there is 24 hours in a day and we are only seeing like 1hour of each daily activity so we are missing all their interactions with the other members (for example i didnt know dogyun and youngjoo were so comfortable with each other). People should stop being shocked by now when people choose who they choose because we don't see their interactions. I'm not hyunjoo's biggest fan but she has charm, especially with her (low key scary) straightforwardness (and i cant stop talking about this but her face is so cute lol). 


    My main reason for shipping hyunwoo x youngjoo minus their interactions was because youngjoo was my female fav and hyunwoo my male fav - that simple. In the end I don't mind who youngjoo ends up with because i like all the guys and she's my ULT so queen decides but her ships with hyunwoo and dogyun are my top. I'm not here for hyunwooxhyunjoo tho KEEP THAT. The reason i'm not on gyubinxyoungjoo ship is because i personally dont like younger men which is quite fked u when you think about it because i'd prob ship if he was older - i'm weird like that. Its's not my relationship so i can do what i want rolleyes.gif


    SPOILER but in one of the main previews for this season of HS, they showed a clip of hyunjoo saying that whenever she saw this guy (obv hyunwoo come on) she got unknowingly mad because of her jealousy so its clear hyunwoo clearly is gonna have something with someone (hoplz.png ) and hyunjoo gonna be big pressed.





    The first one, he actually didn't get upset about her not noticing his hairstyle change. Youngjoo asked him if he really remembered her from the restaurant at her office building and said that she has good memory but she's seeing him for the first time on this show. Hyunwoo sighed and said that of course she wouldn't remember him because she had no interest in him (he was lowkey implying that he had interest in her when he saw her a few years back so that's why he remembered her studmuffinplz.png). Youngjoo jokingly pretended to feel guilty and said that maybe she didn't remember him because his appearance changed. That's why he said that his hair was really short during that time but then asked does it really matter? (as in would a hairstyle really made her forget him completely lmao). This scene and most of their conversations in the car were really cute. It would have been perfect if he chose her at the end of the day rlytearpls.png


    MY DUDES, THANK YOU FOR SPEAKING. ohbi.png I was afraid that I was going to be the only one to not be as upset at what happened this episode and be the only one to still like Hyunwoo. 


    I was backtracking and couldn't help but get irked at how everyone is now jumping on the hate bandwagon and going all "should have known Hyunwoo wasn't good enough for Queen Youngjoo! How dare he not pick her!", especially when subs aren't even out yet!!! 

    Like the psychologist said in the episode, Hyunwoo's stuck in a hard place where he had a chance with his dream girl (Youngjoo) and the girl who swooped in and took initiative (Hyeonjoo). The dopamines from having such an activity based, event-filled date on Christmas are really strong and unfortunately, he had quite a normal, informal first date with Youngjoo that wasn't as exciting as his date was with Hyeonjoo. It's not like his date with Youngjoo was bad, it just wasn't as exciting as it could have been, so Hyunwoo ultimately had to choose between what was more memorable. The psychologist said that he strongly believes that if Hyunwoo ever decides to choose Youngjoo, he's positive that from there on out, Hyunwoo will be fully on board the Youngjoo-train. 

    Honestly and unfortunately enough, first dates are super important because it could set the tone for the relationship but it can also give people a (sometimes false) impression of what their future relationship would be like with their date. 

    It's unlikely that Hyunwoo and Youngjoo will have the opportunity to have an actual date-date in the near future (especially now that Youngjoo seems to have given up on Hyunwoo), but I'll still sort of mourn what could have been. Yet again, this shows how important timing is when it comes to relationships.


    People might also think that their date was boring but I found their interactions very natural and pleasant to watch...the only problem is that a lot of people find being too comfortable = boring, especially when it's at the start of a relationship, so what could have been a solid bond was cut off at its infancy </3. Oh well though, I'm still excited to see the upcoming episodes~ 


    Side note, I also love Gyubin, but let's not hate Hyunwoo, okay people?? Honestly speaking, plenty of us would have as hard a time if we found ourselves in Hyunwoo's position! I take back what I said earlier, I actually think that Hyunwoo does enjoy receiving positive reinforcement from others (or at least the people he's interested in) a lot more than I was led to believe.


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    MSG couple had terrible communication by the end of it all (or if we're going with the concept of the show, terrible signal, since I wouldn't even call what they had real communication). Racecar driver was too busy being passive agressive with her like a 6 year old instead of talking things through, as if she's suppose to magically know what he's thinking all the time. But he's good looking so people overlook it cause it's "cute" when he pouts. And when they finally had a heart to heart conversation when she went to see him at work, he didn't get it -- he didn't get her. He wanted more from her but that was the best that she could do for someone with her type of personality (showing affection not with words, but with her actions). They had chemistry in the beginning but they weren't compatible in terms of what each of them wanted and expected from a partner. Their conversation when they had an extra 10 minutes before officially deciding? Mess. Everyone always talks about how she didn't choose him, but he didn't choose her either. The whole push and pull thing between them carried on for far too long that the both of them got too tired.
    I didn't ship her and Jang Chun at all (he was -- and probably still is -- such a bore), but I can see why she chose him instead. At least with him she didn't have to feel like she was wearing him down by being the way that she is.


    Interesting, thanks for letting me know about their talk in the last episode. When it comes down to it, even if you see sparks, communication is what it all boils down to; people communicate their feelings through different methods and if you can't understand that and get over that hurdle, it's just not meant to be. Hopefully we won't be seeing that happen this time around, although that does make good drama for us viewers...I won't mind it if we could actually see things play out more cleanly this season but if it plays out the way it did with the MSG couple, I can't promise that I won't rage hoplz.png .

  17. They never had issues mentioning their ideal type and this is just as a viewer, it's not  a big deal. Though Hanbin was the only one who continuously mentioned Kim Jiwon (of Fight My Way) and even wrote a song about her that he performed in a variety show.




    What kind of sucks from all these youtube videos is some of the interactions will never see the light of day in the actual episodes. So many scenes from last season's "show previews" were never actually aired in the episode. 

    That's true but a lot of idols, both males and females, tend to name actors/actresses as their ideal types since it's a "safe" option...or it's  like back in the day how a lot of people used to choose Yoona from SNSD or Sandara from 2NE1 as their ideal type because they strangely became the "safe and expected" choice?? It's weird how these things work honestly, so it's kind of hard to say.

    I feel like if they name Youngjoo as their ideal type, people would generally be okay with that because she's pretty well liked, but if they were to say Hyunjoo...I don't expect things going the same way for her tbh :/ People are dumb like that. So as much as they might be open about their ideal types, I would think that's only when they think that that name is safe to say in the first place unfortunately.


    That would explain why Kriri and Jang Chun literally felt like it came out of NOWHERE. Like yeah sure, she and race car driver had their misunderstandings and Jang Chun was obviously endlessly pursuing her with Kriri kind of blushing occasionally, but still???? Just felt so random just from watching the episodes alone. I'm going to be so so angry if that happens this season and I'm trying not to get my hopes up for Youngjoo and Hyunwoo, but I can't stop myself rlytearpls.png

  18. So two of the iKON boys watch this show. Hanbin was an avid watcher from season 1 but now posts about it on iG often, also because his close friend One is on the panel. But now Hanbin and yoyo (another member, Yunhyeong) have a set routine of watching it together every Friday. They always talk about it on their vlives lmao.


    Point is I would love to know which girl they each like the most. I hope fans end up asking them at some point because I’m super curious


    Oh and I just finished episode 3... hyunwoo is so damn hot. If I met him in real life I would already lust after him.

    Pretty sure they wouldn't say what girl they liked the most, but I'm def curious which couple they're rooting for! Also, Hyunwoo is such a sweetheart and I totally relate to him being too honest that when someone asks him a question and he can't give them the reply they want, he just ends up not saying anything (although I end up stumbling and tripping over my words lol).


    So I just saw clips of Episode 4 on YouTube and all I'll say is I told y'all lol. The pairs on the dates were as I predicted.

    High-five for being the detectives we are! Let's open up an agency datassplz.png



    LOL yeah it probably stings to hear it so bluntly. But to be honest in this type of situation I would rather have a guy give me a straight answer like this then to be ambiguous/string me along and waste my time playing games. Da Eun can now focus on someone else that would be a better match for her.

    Ugh, why can't we see more of jokey-Do Gyun in the actual episodes?? They make it out like he's a robot (an endearing robot but still)!!! He was definitely joking when he said "you" to Daeun and in the next cut, you see Youngjoo saying that his skin/complexion improved and he replied "it's BB" (BB cream) and they all cracked up from the unexpected answer...so from that, it seems like he has a sense of humor where he likes throwing people off by giving them unexpected replies, which I wish we got to see more of~

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  19. Oh I know a date between Hyeon Joo and Hyunwoo is going to be a mess that's why it's going to be highly entertaining to watch [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23]


    But yes I agree her and Do Gyun or Gyu Bin would be a better fit. Speaking of Do Gyun from the preview clip I saw of him and the fourth girl on a date making candles, they seemed close and like they had chemistry so I keep wondering when she's going to show up.


    I'm still predicting that there will be a major love triangle between Da Eun, Young Joo and Hyunwoo. He's the Kriri of this season lol. And he better not do what she did last season. I'm not really invested in any couples yet this season like I was last season though. Maybe because the end of Season 1 annoyed/traumatized me so much lol.

    I'm definitellyyyy stanning Youngjoo and Hyunwoo together; it might all be in my head, but he looked like he had such a crush on her the 3rd episode and then there's the fact that he remembered her as a customer from the past la.gif. I'll be so sad if he ends up with someone else </3.


    I actually didn't watch the last episode of the 1st season because I (stupidly, but very fortunately) read about how upset people were at the conclusion...so I refuse to watch it EVER lol.


    Others keep saying that they liked the first season better because of race-car driver and Kriri, but for me, this season so far has a bit of an edge over the first because all the girls adored Jang Chun when he was the mosttt borrrinnggg guy evverrrrr. But all the girls getting excited over Hyunwoo doesn't bore me because I find him interesting and charismatic? 


    I hope we like the new girl as much as we're liking Youngjoo because I think a lot of people are getting tired of Daeun and Hyeonjoo surprisingly pretty early on in the season. 

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  20. LOL same!! I must have watched the preview like 10 times so I better have gotten it right too [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji24] [emoji24]


    And I agree I think it's interesting and fun to mix up the couples and see how they interact when they're one on one instead of in a group setting. Also I like the slow build and people getting to know each other before pairing off instead of just based on physical attraction. I would for sure like to see Young Joo go on a date with Hyunwoo, they clearly have a vibe. I would also like to see her go out with Do Gyun b/c I feel like she liked him from the beginning but he hasn't considered her as a potential partner at all.


    And the hand was the key lmao! Besides the bandage, they were pale with shorter fingers so Do Gyun was out because he is tanner and he has long piano player hands, and Gyu Bin wasn't wearing a black top so he was out too.


    And you're right, I hadn't considered that the ice skating date might be Jae Ho and Da Eun. For some reason I just assumed it was Gyu Bin and Young Joo because I pictured Gyu Bin picking a date/activity like that lol.


    I wish this show aired earlier in the week because I hate waiting so long until the next episode!!

    Tbh, I don't want to see Hyunwoo with Hyeonjoo and think it's going to be a total cringe-fest unsure.png. I can see her more with Do Gyun than Hyunwoo, and watching her with Gyu Bin or Jaeho would feel too much like just watching friends. I don't dislike her, but I just don't find her very interesting to watch?


    As similar as Do Gyun and Hyunwoo may seem at first since they're both quite introspective and on the quiet side, they're very different. I think Do Gyun would be better paired off with someone who can easily provide him with verbal confirmation/positive reinforcement, which is why he got so happy during scenes of him with Hyeonjoo or Daeun. But Hyunwoo is the type that cares more about meeting his own standards and gives the impression that he doesn't care too much about receiving positive feedback from others, which is why a more grounded realist like Youngjoo (at least that's the way she comes off) seems to suit him better than a girl like Daeun or Hyeonjoo. 


    This is all just speculation from only 2-3 episodes so I might be completely off laugh.png. I just enjoy analyzing other people, which is why this show is such a hit for me.


    I still want to see what a "date" between Youngjoo and Do Gyun would look like just out of curiosity lol. Total awkwardness? Unexpected chemistry? Who knows?

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  21. YES finally someone who analyzed the gift buying and gift exchange as much as I did lmao. Although I didn't even notice everything you did [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23]. But your date predictions are exactly the same as what I wrote after watching the episode!!


    We're the only ones who have said that Hyeon Joo is going to be on the date with Hyunwoo. And I already know people are going to be in an uproar when they finally find out it's Hyeon Joo because you already know she's going to be a giggle fest the entire time plus we saw the hand grab in the preview lol. And what confirmed it for me was seeing the bandaid on the finger when Hyeon Joo grabbed it in the preview. I know that's Hyunwoo's hand and he cut himself chopping something at his restaurant lol.


    Also Jae Ho might not be getting a date with Da Eun because he was nowhere in the preview (plus his gift was horrible) but he might have just been left out of the preview.

    It will be pretty embarrassing if I was wrong with all the sleuthing I did laugh.png . But who knows, I might be wrong, especially if the girls end up choosing different gifts.


    When did Hyunwoo cut himself? I didn't notice that! Nice observation. datassplz.png


    I have a feeling that the ice-skating couple is Jaeho and Daeun...or maybe whoever is paired off with Gyubin? Both Jaeho and Gyubin seem like the type to be the ones to suggest an active activity like ice-skating (also because it seems like what a younger guy/guy with a youthful mentality would suggest for a date course).


    If our predictions end up being right, I'll be happy in a way because it's mixing up the pairings (although I would want to see Youngjoo interacting with Do Gyun!) so it's not to expected right from the start...but I do want to see Youngjoo on a date with Hyunwoo </3.

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