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  1. Saying someone is gay isn't offensive. SuJu are the fanservice kings of kpop, aside from Shinhwa. They've been together so long they just have fun with it lol.


    I don't know about the XiuHan pairing since I don't know much about EXO, but even if you care about someone, you can still be at your limit mentally. The same thing happened with SuJu's Han Geng. Don't really want to get into Lu Han's lawsuit, but I'm sure it wasn't a sudden thing and that he discussed it with his mates first. 

    Hi~~ ^^ I need to say (since i'm Xiumin and Luhan biased) that Luhan has been like that to Xiumin even before debut from the fanaccounts I've read and... Him leaving EXO has nothing to do with his love for Xiumin... Couples have to go different ways all the time but that doesn't mean they alwayd have to break up or something haha I still think they are still in contact, and I'm sure Luhan still has the same feelings for Xiumin be it love or friendship... (tho I'm like 99% sure it's pure love but whatever)


    yeah, I think that xiuhan is nothing more than a beautiful frendship, since they seem like they like each other but i don`t see anything more than that, but they are really cute and wouldn`t be suprised if they liked each other,,,,,, and i shouldn`t have brought the lawsuit and that stuff ...

    I just don`t get a gay wibe from Luhan, he seems straight.....

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  2. Add Ryeowook and Zhou Mi to SuJu and Lu Han to EXO and I'd say that's a good list.


    Oh, and hi  :smile:

    Yeah i should but i don`t know that much about suju but the seem pretty gay (no offence) 


    Idk about Luhan, I have always seen him as straight but sometimes he seems sooo in love with xiumin..... But I wonder if he liked Xiumin that much why would he leave Exo-M? 

    Soo I don`t think that he really is gay, maybe bi??..


    Hi :)

  3. Ooh, it's always nice when fellow Myungjong shippers join the thread :smile: And you have excellent taste if I do say so myself  :chu:




    I also kind of want to do a throwback Myungjong spam now just bc I'm in the mood for one and I may or may not have gone through my tumblr archive earlier  :meow:






    tumblr_lu1c83jP3L1qmqaauo1_400.jpg tumblr_lt74zkbffJ1qf4r21o2_400.png


    tumblr_lwskggUaZ71qfkpvpo1_250.gif tumblr_lwskggUaZ71qfkpvpo4_250.gif

    tumblr_lwskggUaZ71qfkpvpo5_250.gif tumblr_lwskggUaZ71qfkpvpo6_250.gif


    This is by no means everything, but it always does surprise me a little when people are under the impression that Myungjong's relationship is a new entity or something. So in part I wanted to do this bc of that, but also because Myungjong of any era is wonderful  :lub:


    I didn`t mean it was new more that i didn`t know about them like that before I saw everything u where writing about them, and ur reeeally good at finding awesome gifs of them together^^


    (I`m sorry about the new post idk what i`m doing, i should just stop,)

  4. Hello I`m new and I have been reading everything since 500, and i would like to tell who i think is gay( sorry for my reeeally bad english)
    Myungsoo  |  gay/bi
    Sungjong   |  gay
    sehun |  gay 
    tao   |    gay
    baekhyun  |  bi
    key   |    gay
    jonghyun  |  bi



    Heechul  |  gay

    Siwon  |  gay



    Kikwang  |  gay


    Big bang

    T.O.P  |  gay

    Gdragon  | bi


    Team b/ Ikon

    Jinhwan  | gay

    B.I   |  bi



    kevin  |  gay

    soohyun  | gay



    I`m sorry if my post was to long and wierd (i`m new to everything here^^)

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