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  1. i've always found it kind of hard to be a lesbian kpop fan since i've internalized the idea that being attracted to women is an inherently objectifying act, but i've been working hard at overcoming that feeling lesbianism isn't a fundamentally perverted mindset etc


    anyway, it's super cool to have found this thread!! hmu anytime, i'd love to be added smile.png


    i kinda get how u feel 


    like i identify as panromantic and asexual


    but i t´still often find girls alot more appealing and even if i am asexual i see when i find someone pretty


    and i always feel like its all in such a sexual manner, when it really isnt that way.


    im glad you`ve overcomed alot of that


    im waiting for the day you can search lesbian on google and the first thing that pops up isnt porn.

  2. Y'ALL 


    blue night radio â™¡ 170204



    nine asked jonghyun if, as in the your name movie, he turned into a girl one day what would he do.


    â–  jonghyun: i’d like to meet up with a man.

    â–  nine: really. there’s nothing you’d wanna do?

    â–  jonghyun: no. that’s it. i would like to get together with a man.



    AH MAN PLEASE please 


    let this be him comig out


    even tho thats probs not the case, im just loving jonghyuns courage these days

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    I really dislike this whole "SM only reveals fake couples" narrative going on here. 
    Like maybe Baekyeon was fake, maybe Kaistal is fake(although I 100% believe that they are really dating) but the only reasoning I get here is because "Chanbaek is real" and "Kaisoo is real". I know they are the two most popular ships in EXO, but really? How many couples do you think there are within EXO?
    Tomorrow maybe Dispatch will reveal that Suho is dating some woman and people here might be all "NO this is 200% fake Suho is gay af did you see that one thing he did with Lay that one time?!!"  (fyi this is just a random example)
    Like I agree that the Baekyeon thing was totally staged but it really shouldn't come down to disregarding every couple SM confirms, I don't believe dating within the same group occurs THAT often. And this is coming from a former Kaisoo shipper.
    I know there are many who will disagree with me but I just had to say this.



    true true


    but like i think kaistal isnt real cause of krystal and cause it came out of nowhere


    and baekyeon came exacly when the scandal about baekhyun underage drinking came, 


    but like it all comes down to the people, tho i really feel like everything SM says is  shit you r true


    But i think its smart to have several factors


    not just that u think that idol is with the one u ship them with

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  4. Hi everyone, I need to ask something. What do you think of Yook Sungjae from BTOB? Because I've been following him for quite some time now and I've always thought of him as straight but lately I've been having slight doubts/suspicions. I hope some of you can give me your opinion about him, and if ever some of you thinks he's either bi or gay, can you also state why? Thank you guys!


    Gay but i have forgotten all my reasons sorry i have come back from a half a year of hiatus from this chat haha




    Key out there slaying as usual...


    ah man key never stops getting the gay out


    nahh but i feel like he resepmbles my girlfriend so much

  5. But if Kaistal is fake, what's in it for Krystal? She's obviously not just being charitable going out with him and she's not straight. Put two and two together... She's dating Amber a woman?  :happy:


    yeah like my theory was that it was kinda to get ppls eyes on exo and F(x) and get the krystal rumours away


    i think Kai is one straight boi but krystal has pretty known rumours about being a lesbian


    there is a chat fo that^^

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  6. I'm new and confused are we talking about idols that ARE gay or just idols we think are gay for EACHOTHER? I'm prolly just being dense  :lol:  :lol:


    ok im just gonna have an open 


    maybe u dont know(and its okay) but people arent gay for one another


    people can be bisexual gay pan and there r alot more in the sppctrum


    but your sexuality isnt like one person.


    guys, the way to get accetptance is teaching

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  7. Hi, I got a questions for users, are you involved in some sort of activism or LGBT+ community in your school, homeplace, etc? How has your experience been so far?


    yeah im involved in activism as much as i can

    i teach kids about LGBTQ and their rights (im 15) and stuff


    im always open and i stand up


    but sweden is pretty different from other places

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  8. Can someone give me an actual logical explanation of how 6/9 members in one group can be gay. Anything is possible but numbers like this are very unlikely. I think a lot of these idols are not gay.


    yeah im a queer human bean


    but i have to say you are right


    BUT remember there is more ppl from the queer community in the entertainment bussiness


    are u talking bout exo?


    cause i think two of the remaining members r queer

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  9. Hi guys, we take alot of shit, and we have to deal with so much, from outside and inside of our community so i just wanna say to everyone here


    you r valid, your gender is valid, if you are a transgirl who likes to wear stereotypical male clothes or a transguy who likes makeup and skirts


    you r valid if you dont like to put yourself into a box and label yourself


    you r valid if you change gender based on days or if your gender has changed


    you r valid if you like boys and girls and you are open to trans ppl being your partner and see yourself as bisexual or pansexual


    you r valid if you sexuality is fluid or maybe you have realised several times what your sexuality is


    you r valid if you are in the closet


    you r valid if you are demisexual or in between that spectrum whatever others say


    you r valid if you are asexual and you`ve had sex and you liked it, the same way if you didnt like it



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  10. I finally made an account because I´m tired of lurking so here are my opinions on groups I listen:


    Xiumin - straight but really accepting od gay people. He seems super chill about everything

    Luhan - I think either straight or bi.

    Kris - straight nothing pings me about him

    Suho - I think he is bi. There is a lot of stuff about him that make it obvious

    Lay - straight and slighty on the homophobic side I´m afraid

    Baekhyun - bi. He already showed it clearly to everyone. He enjoys skinship way too much and acts all submissive around taller men

    Pretty horny too

    Chen - straight and for some reason I have a feelin that he has a girlfriend for a while

    Chanyeol - I honestly give up on him. He sometimes seems super straight but then I see him interacting with other male idols that makes me suspicious especially when he is with small guys. Just like Kyungsoo goes totally gay for for older guys and Baekhyun for tall guys, Chanyeol falls for short guys. But he seems open minded

    Kyungsoo - same as Chanyeol. I think he seems more on the straight side. Behind the cameras he gets more relaxed around guys but for now I will just say straight.

    Tao - gay ass. He is trying to hide it but come on it´s obvious. There is also another thing. Since he came back to China his mannerisms toned down a bit but I guess it´s because of conservative enviroment

    Kai - heteroflexible. He seems mostly interested in girls and I believe that him and Krystal are dating but it also seems like he fell ahrd for Kyungsoo. I need some receipts because I´m not sure

    Sehun - G A Y. He is a huge twink and he also seems super open minded.



    Onew - straight

    Jonghyun - bi

    Key - flaming gay

    Minho - straight

    Taemin - anything but straight



    exo thingy: i agree totally


    shinee thingy: i agree though i think taemin is straight.



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  11. And here comes the gay people are all horndogs who cant resist anyone attractive theories. You know I think most idols would be ya know too scared of fucking up their group dynamics to do random hookups with their members and also wouldn't have any privacy so its probably not as likely within groups as you think. Outside of their groups though..


    fuck i hate when ppl come with that



    ughhh like we r all like weveryone else god ugh

  12. Can we just go back to discussing which idols might be gay/bi and why we think so? So tired of these arguments about attitudes towards LGBT in Korea and in general... Like, there are other places for these sorts of discussions. Seriously.


    Btw love that I.M./Wonho spanking video! I would probably not be able to keep my hands to myself next to Wonho's ass either.


    yesss i have alot of theories


    but not about like the new boygroups but others yessssss


    just assk

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