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  1. Hii it was a long time since i did this so im sorry if i did something wrong

    Name: sapphicsunmi

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    Name: sapphicsunmi

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  2. i agree. you always hear about idols exchanging notes at music show tapings and idol omlypics. i don't think they're THAT tied down to only staying in their dorm 24/7 with each other. i think lots of idols date and we don't of course don't know about it.


    yeah i agree


    but also on our topic, i think that idols have alot more knowlegde about eachothers sexualities, that is saying if the person is out to themselves

    what i mean is that in the idol community(?+ stylists and dancers) people must know who is gay or atleast queer. I think everyone knows but at the same time they know that that isnt something to talk about, 


    but with that said im sure idols know who is out and ish so they know who to call or date


    thats just my theory on the matter

  3. adding onto the chanhyuk talk, he just posted a instastory with a rainbow right in the middle of it imstupid.png might not mean anything, but hey, it's pride month and the colors of his rainbow are exactly the same colors+order as the official rainbow flag, what a coincidence imstupid.png




    okay so about chanhyuk

    i remember some week ago i saw jhim dressing up as a girl on instagram with lee hi and suhyun and gahd yess, it was so awesome, not to mention i love those two girls


    but i think he is gay, or bisexual, i cant make up my mind, because in one way he pins me as so gay, but in another way i could see him not caring about gender

    anyone else have any thoughts on him, cause id love to hear some ore oppinions

  4. Heize casually kissing Kyungri @ 5:20 is still such a moment 




    oh my god this is so awesome gahh




    There's the video seofun linked above from Happy together and Cheetah and her rumoured girlfriend on her IG (I don't know how to link insta posts). If you check heize's IG you'll see loads pictures of her with a girl who's face she never shows, but they're always affectionate.  



    thank im slow hahha

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  5. sooo i have alot of thought but im pretty darn sure yura is gay and hyeri is maybe bi idk




    but i think that bisexuals have a smaller chance of coming out to the public or to themselves, because bisexuality is so erased and i think alot of people think there r only two ways


    so if someone were to come out i think it would be a gay


    man this was so unnecessary sorry




  6. Hi!~ So I've been scrolling through this feed anonymously for a while now and I know that SHINee has been spoken about quite a bit here, but I would really like to add my thoughts on their sexualities.


    1). Onew: I feel like he's straight, but I wouldn't be too surprised if he was bi-curious


    2). Jonghyun: Bi but has a preference for men? Maybe gay? This boy has me confused, but for me it's a definite that he's at least attracted to men some way


    3). Key: Gay. This boy is gay.


    4). Minho: Straight, but same goes with Onew. Possibly bi-curious


    5). Taemin: Bisexual. I could just see him with either, also I feel like he has an equal preference. (Also he may be ace, but who knows).


    Thank you! imstupid.png


    i think the exact same way except i think taemin is very straight, idk i just dont feel anything gay bout him, but you never know


    What do you guys think of Got7 ? unsure.png


    i really dont know much about them but jackson seems very bisexual

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  7. jb_1481060024_CzA8KS8W8AADKtx.jpg









    There's a show called Celebrity Bromance where two dudes hang out and do stuff together like eat or go shopping.


    Youngjae of BAP said he wanted to have a party with Jaebum to which he responded by saying "You haven't changed have you? I don't need to be wary around you right?"


    Implying if Youngjae wasn't straight anymore or that what he wanted to do was gay.


    It got even more awkward when Jaebum kept saying that the couple cafe that they went to was "for couples only" or that you needed to have "a girlfriend" with you to go.


    Fans lost it and spawned that witch hunt after Jaebum (jokingly or whatever you want to believe...) said that he wanted to "hit Youngjae" after Youngjae said he wanted to come to the cafe with him.


    Keep in mind Youngjae said this in a joking/corny manner.




    full video here with translations.(which are pretty accurate.)


    Anyway imo the video was just so cringey and awkward bc Jaebum constantly kept saying "Is it alright for two men to do this?".


    *punches the screen in frustration, sadness and a bunch of other emotions


    fuck this is so shitty and i have lost all my support for him


    and that comment about beating him up just makes me so uncomfortable, cause as a part of the lgbtq family i know about the dangers alot opf people go trough












    this rmade me abit more happy but im still pissed asf


    and to all the people who havent heard my oppinion, which i wrote here like one year ago cause im inactive


    i think BI is bi


    (get it get it cause his name is BI and i think he is bisexualhurrplz.png )



    and im sooo late


    Maybe its just the places I go to and people I run into but I feel like the gay community is very embracing of others and really warm and welcoming. I've been going to this gay bar in the city cause I love the atmosphere there and the vibe of the place and I've been compliments so many times. I'm nothing special, I'm an ordinary chubby guy. I've been called a cub and an otter on multiple occasions, guys tried to take my # but I politely told them that I am not interested.............I mean there is a small fraction of me that's like bi-curious and I'd be totally into being with a guy for a one time thing, but perhaps not now. 


    Last weekend there was a local pride event in a neighborhood close to where I work and it was just really nice to see people embrace each other and celebrate who they are without any bigotry or prejudice. 




    well i think alot of lgbtq ppl have been trough alot of shit and so they treat people well


    but at the same time the lbgtq community has alot o flaws which suck, for eampla alot of people are shit to bisexual and asexual people.

  9. Hey guys i just wanna tell everyone here that your sexuality and/or what you identify as is valid


    You are valid, no matter what other people say


    Have an awesome day 





    does it count if i'm gay for certain people?





    but it does count if you identify as maybe bisexual/pansexual or homoromantic or something like that

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  10. Thank you very much and 2017.05.30 is the day I'm having my sex change operation. I so can't wait for it since it has been a dream of mine for a while. I am very lucky because my girlfriend since the 9th grade told me that she still accepts me even after the sex change.


    gahd this made my day


    u put a smile on my face^^


    i hope everything turns out great 

  11. It is official now that I am going to get sex change operation to become a women and I'm getting the operation in 2 weeks


    im so happy for you


    my gf is soon starting her treatment with estrogen (i think its called)



    I'm a lesbian female but I've always wanted to be a straight male. I really hate my female body. It's kind of ruining my sex life with my gf, since I hate my vagina and female body.


    have you considerd that u might not be a woman


    if u ever need to talk this forum is always open


    im not that active here on onehallyu so idk if i can help..


    but i get it, i have a femenine body and i often get alot of dysphoria, i identify as genderfluid




    im vegan


    I'm vegan


    wait whut



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