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  1. May I say, You have really good taste in music <3<3 haha i sound like some posh kid, nahh but really

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    2. Caiii


      I listen to a lot of different music too but I wanted the pink aesthetic so I was pretty limited in my choices. Good thing the GGs I like have pink badges. And tbh some of the other badges look tragic imo.

    3. sapphicsunmi


      ik, like my aesthetics look prtty bad and stuff idk, its just my biases have such different badges it would look wierd to have them together>.<

    4. Caiii


      lol It looks pretty good tbh with the partial black and white style along with the italics.

      Kinda gloomy but pretty cool lol

  2. tja, om du får veta att ngn kpop grupp kommer till sverige kan du pls berätta, för jag är alltid så sen på sånna saker>.<

    1. ♡ Taebun ♡

      ♡ Taebun ♡

      men detsamma, brukar vara rätt så sämst på sådant!

  3. SO if anyone wanna chat or anything im bored and stuff so just DM me

  4. hii, how have you been?

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    2. sapphicsunmi


      pretty shitty, but i got into this asperger school whitch is awesome, school has become worse and life too, everything is really hard >.<

    3. The Birthday Massacre

      The Birthday Massacre

      So it's a school for people with Aspergers? That's cool. It's nice to have a safe space somewhere :) But I am sorry to hear that things are going awry - hopefully things get better.

    4. sapphicsunmi


      yeah it is and yeah i hope it gets better, itll preobably get abt better but im ot really optimistic

  5. your sig is why i live ah

  6. Marina marina marina ah you like her too she's like My Queen ~

    1. jaehyun


      Yeah, I love her songs ;-;

  7. I've missed you while i was away, you make OH such an awesome place

    1. xingsass


      missed you too awww and thanksssss <3333 same about you tbh

  8. You're so pretty >.-

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    2. Jean Grey

      Jean Grey

      I know xD I just didn't expect comment from you because we talk rarely xD how have you been btw?

    3. sapphicsunmi


      heeheh sorry for being dreepy, not that good, school just started and i hate it

    4. sapphicsunmi
  9. Thanks you've foten me into TBM, thanks that band is so amazing, im really depressed These day and they really hela me..

    1. sapphicsunmi
    2. The Birthday Massacre

      The Birthday Massacre

      Hey there! :D I am glad you like the band, I too find their music to be upbeat and it helps me when I am feeling a bit down too. If you ever need to talk to someone you can always PM me! :)

  10. Im happy that u stan both mamamoo and RV, im so Tired of These fanclubs being against each other ^3^ im not Even into RV ~

    1. freakinmoos


      ikr we need to be friends and not fight eachother ~

  11. Your dp is so cute, i'm crying dara ~

    1. Fourever


      aw thanks ^^ DARA is one beautiful angel <3

  12. Living in the Suicide room

  13. Hi, i know we have'nt talked for a while i just wanted to say thanks for helping meâ¤ï¸

    1. Fourever


      No problem at all! We all go through the same things :) ttys x

  14. Hi, thanks for adding me, u're really nice^^

    1. KpopTalks


      I've been meaning to add you but I always forgotten my memory is horrible tbh and np ^^ You are really nice as well :D

  15. Yay, jag har hittat en till svensk person här^^ hej<3

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    2. SNSTD


      hur mår du

    3. sapphicsunmi


      Är rättså trött men helt ok, dd?

    4. SNSTD


      jag mår bra XD

  16. Yay, ur also from Sweden

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