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  1. Oh man I love both and grew up on them, aesthetically I love Sailor Moon, the visuals and colors for that show were amazing and the transformations were great. I'm going to go with Cardcaptor Sakura though, it always manages to keep me excited for the next episode when I rewatch

  2. I'm sooo late, I just watched the ending for Season 3 yesterday. I'm kind of sad it was just a few episodes, it was a big improvement from the first two seasons. I'm honestly the most excited for the Dead Moon Circus stuff. Are there going to be more episodes or are we going to have to wait for the next part? 

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  3. Lol looks like in japan version will have this 3 characters



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    Urgh in english ver please


    But need to get sailor jupiter 1st


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    I was wondering earlier if the only characters we would be able to use in Sailor Moon Drops are the ones from the first Arc. 

    Dang, I wish that was for the U.S. one too


    They're having another event for Usagi in the game and I really want to try to at least get her uniform but it will probably be just as hard as the last two *sigh*


    I'm an episode behind on the series nooo,so far though, I'm really enjoying season 3 and I have this tiny hope inside of me that they'll try to re-do the first two arcs to fit the style of the third but they probably won't sadly. 

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