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  1.   If you want them   Junhyung: BigBadBoii Kikwang: Gttk0000 Yoseob: YYSBEAST Doojoon: Beeeestdjdjdj Dongwoon: RealBeastDW Hyunseung: 89_H
  2. I can't find the credits for the songs Yong Junhyung worked on Dongwoon's solo Japanese album, which came out in early July. Preludio - Co-Composed, Co-Written, Co-Arranged by Junhyung Kimi Shika (Only You) - Co-Composed by Junhyung Amasugiru You (Too Sweet You) - Co-Composed by Junhyung
  3. BEAST Yong Junhyung (W1041800)   OST    Wai Mo Reu Ni (Why Don't You Know) - Yoseob for Let's Eat 2 - 100001122935 - Co-Composed, Co-Written, Co-Arranged by Junhyung
  4. School 2015 with Sungjae and Kim Sohyun
  5. I would agree that Infinite as a group has the best sync and fluidity between the 3. BEAST has great individual dancers in Junhyung, Kikwang, and Hyunseung but the other 3 members aren't as good as the former 3. As a group I would rank them 1. Infinite 2. Shinee 3. BEAST.
  6. More idols should go into songwriting and composing songs. There is a lot of money to made and you get to control your groups music. 
  7.   Damnnn! Not only does he write the songs but he also composes and does the arrangements for almost all BEAST songs now, I wonder how much Junhyung makes off royalties and what his net worth is.
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