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    ♫♫~the star of queens there high around Exsho planet~♪♫♪
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    boring but >>

    1-Studying/how i deal with it?
    /crying inside/ :D

    2-anything outdoors with friends or my sister residents of center town coffeeshops :| /

    3-fashion and style/

    4-still learning drawing/

    5-anime and manga/

    6- science esply medicine/health care

    6-writing out stories poems ,fiction and lyrics on my diaries lolz/

    7-artificial tattoos!


    9-music different styles/


    11-trying to understand the world why we are here? and trying to find good ppl to talk with..

    12- hating on drama everywhere/just fox next door who wants to achieve my dreams....

    languages i speak:arabic+eng+french..little korean /Japanese
    Jack of all master of little...Cuz when I know word spelling I don't know how to write it when I know how word should be written I don't know how to spell it oh too long i know.. ^^"

    ~to me
    jpop+EXO+t-ara+ss501+ old kpop bobs+artistic pop +classics+some hits here and there =mu gusta

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