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  1. I've watched the video yesterday, it was really hard.  Black life is still dehumanized and criminalized in the U.S. This is the reason George Floyd died . Unfortunately, this kind of violent protest will only strengthen that. Some people are prone to violence, some aren't, no matter the circumstances.  George Floyd's murder cannot be used as a pretext for anarchy. 

    I can understand their anger ( the murder of that person, the fact that the police officer was not charged accordingly, neither the other officers weren't charged for accomplice to murder, as they deserve)  , but not the behavior, thought. US was hit hard by coronavirus, many shops and businesses have closed, now they have to face more damages. 

    I think Mineapollis police deliberately doesn't intervene and let the protesters go wild these days.  ( maybe they even encourage those prone to violence). More shops vandalized, more stealing ... fit the narrative for criminalization of blackness.

  2. On 5/20/2020 at 7:05 PM, oneclearnight said:

    true. i think with neo zone/the final round they have ascended to top boy group status along with exo and svt. definitely fandom-wise i'd say they're right up there with those groups and selling just as well in korea. though the individual exo members are more known domestically than any nct member lbr. it's impressive what nct have managed to achieve this year, i never thought they'd chart this well digitally. back in 2017 they struggled to even stay in the top 100 on melon realtime. now they're charting in the top 5. they really have come a long way!!!

    NCT is not at EXOs level, even if their sales improved alot, they lack recognition. 

    Time will tell if they became more notorious. 

    Nevertheless their sales are impressive. They finally did surpass 1 million :) 

  3. 20 hours ago, KoreaxxLove said:


    Sorry, but you cannot say US took effective preventive measures when the number of confirmed cases is 200,000 in one month.  Closing borders is useless if you are not putting in quarantine (not isolation at home) the American citizens arriving from infected areas. Restaurants, beaches, schools etc. all were opened till recently, although US administration saw what happened in Italy and other European countries. US officials cannot say they were took by surprise, they should have realized the situation is serious when other countries were put under lock down. What's happening right now in US is the  failure of both state and federal government. 

    Just think, how many days from the first case of coronavirus to the introduction of restrictions in US have passed compared with other countries. ( after how many days countries closed schools, ban public gatherings, closed restaurants/bars ... compared with US).

    Hope things will get under control there. 





  4. On 3/29/2020 at 12:14 AM, Jikrytae said:

    Ridiculous? Unfounded? It's not my fault you either don't understand statistics or don't care. South Korea has tested a lot more people than us, with less than 1/6th the population. That is a massive failure any way you try to spin it. There's a reason our number of cases skyrocketed in such a short span of time. But at least our government would never lie. LMFAO

    I'm so glad we have you around to put words in the president's mouth, so we know what he REALLY meant instead of what he actually said. That's an invaluable talent. Maybe you should start writing his rally speech.... I mean "Coronavirus Task Force briefings" for him. That way the experts, the ones whose advice he's supposedly following, will no longer have to correct every goddamn thing he says. 

    The number skyrocketed in US because US didn't take rapid and effective preventive measures. Considering each state holds governmental jurisdiction, I think the states can enforce strict lockdown to slow coronavirus spread or take other preventive measures, instead of waiting for the President’s approval. Unfortunately, Trump appears to be fickle and untrustworthy, so instead of blaming him for everything while waiting for his administration help, each state should act to relive the burden on health care system.

  5. On 3/24/2020 at 5:18 PM, RiseLikeACrowTit said:

    As today the United States is beyond the point of no return, the world tried to make them understand, don't expect sympathy

    I just saw the total cases surpass 100,000 in U.S

    In my country we had the 1st case a month ago, on February 26. Right now we have 1292 cases confirmed  ( 1151 active cases, 115 recovered, 26 deaths) Unfortunately, 15% of those infected are doctors and nurses. We lack badly protective equipment. The whole country is placed under quarantine and the Army is on streets, in addition to the staff of the police to enforce the restrictions. People older than 65 are allowed to leave their houses only between 11 am - 1 pm and only to buy essential good for themselves, to receive medical assistance that cannot be postponed, to perform short periods of physical exercise (just around the house, the parks are closed) or take pets for a walk. In order to justify having left the home, everyone must have the workplace ID and a signed declaration filled out in advance. An electronic supervision will be implemented soon. We have no face masks or hands disinfectant in pharmacies since a month ago. I don't have as well ( just water and soap).  I keep going to work ( I work in the public sector), respecting all the regulations (always having my id and declaration), use public transportation ( there aren't many people in the buses these days, most stay at home, so is safe) and return home. The social life has moved online. All is closed (malls, restaurants, shops, hotels)  excepts for groceries and pharmacies. 

    Overcoming this pandemic depends on us. I hope all these restrictions will have an effect and we will not reach the situation in Italy and Spain. What's happening there is painful to listen and watch.

    p.s a few days ago, our government bought  2 million Covid-19 tests from South Korea and the first batch already arrived.

    Thank you, SK :) 


    if we surpass 2000 cases ( and we will in 3-4 days), another military ordinance will be given, we will pass to phase 4. I will write here what are the new restrictions/regulations , what stage 4 means. ( I have no clue yet,  we are already on lockdown)

    A month ago US had 15 cases now US has +100,000. A month ago we had 1 case, now 1292.  Compared with US the situation is not bad, but we definitely have more restrictions than Americans and alot of police and army on streets. ( Its a bit strange to see armed soldiers with AKM on streets in time of peace, but they are nice/polite, giving advice to people. Only one time they've asked for my papers, I had no problem) 



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  6. 1 hour ago, KoreaxxLove said:

    The problem is that having the military on the streets like that is likely a violation of constitutional rights here in the US. I'm not saying it wouldn't be effective, but I don't think many Americans would respond to that and would likely revolt. 

    I also live in a democracy. Most people are aware that during the state of emergency they do not have same rights like in a normal situation. The overwhelming majority of people from my country ( +92%)  declare they support the measures taken by the authorities to limit the spread of the new virus and to combat the negative effects on the economy and the Army is the institution that has the highest level of confidence.  

    If military doctors are used in this time to help doctors in hospitals, if soldiers are building mobile hospitals, they can also help the police force, if needed (especially in rural areas where we lack police force) They have to patrol streets and enforce coronavirus rules. I don't know how is in U.S, but personally I never panic when I see the Army on streets, nobody panics,  at contrary, I feel safe they are there to protect us. Army has roles meant to meet certain needs of people, fulfilling social functions. The Army is also a social institution.


    later edit: in January I saw on youtube shocking images from China (Wuhan) with people being quarantined forcibly and I though the policemen are brutal. I did not realize back then what's happening, but now I totally understand their actions. If people are not responsible and endanger others, than you have to take drastic measures. Yesterday, in Bucharest a woman went out of 3 am , although she was in self isolation(quarantine) at home. A neighbor saw her and report the case, so the police came, took her and put her in institutionalized quarantine, as is stipulated in the military ordinance. If she didn't want to respect the rules and stay at home, this is the consequence. One person can infect 20 or more. Of course they had to drag her because she opposed, is not pleasant to see the video , but she has only herself to blame. People's reaction seeing the video? nobody is blaming police for their actions, but the woman for endangering others. Romanians are aware the health system would not cope with so many cases like in Italy, so we all  agree with drastic preventive measures. 


    Many Americans are not responsible. I saw on social platforms plenty of videos with beaches in Florida, full of people .... even yesterday. I really don't understand why the beaches aren't closed yet. You need drastic preventive measures to contain the epidemic.

    In my country public gatherings with more than 3 people are strictly  forbidden. And we don't have +30,000 cases like U.S, we have 430.

    Some people listen, some won't listen to recommendations, you need mandatory rules (not recommendations) and police (+army if needed) on streets to give people fines and put in institutionalized quarantine those who are violating the rules. 

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  8. I don't know, I guess by the end of 2020, hopefully.


    One hour ago, the ministry of Internal Affairs gave a military law imposing more restrictions.

     I can go out for work ( I work in administration, I must go, cannot work from home ) , pharmacy and grocery stores from proximity.

    There are 367 cases confirmed in my country ( 52 have recovered, no death yet, fortunately) Ten of thousands are returning from Italy , France, Germany and Spain these days (we have a large diaspora in these countries, especially Italy and Spain - they have to be repatriated)  so its expected the number of infected to increase. All are worried to not get in Italy's situation, our health system would not cope with so many cases, so the preventive measures are severe. 

    If we reach 2000 cases, we will pass to stage 4 ( whatever that means... probably total lockdown) 

    Compared with other European countries, the situation here isn't dramatic (we took preventive measures earlier than Western Europe) , but is also true not many tests have been done. 



  9. why k-netizens are blaming those people from Shincheonji religious  denomination? Is not like they wanted to be infected, is not their fault. 

    If some volunteered to take care of patients than good for them. I admire all those who volunteer with mental health patients. Is not easy to deal with them.  Nobody is blaming a Japanese tourist for what happened to that cruise ship -  Diamond princess, is not like that person wanted to infect so many people, she didn't knew she got the Ncov. virus while the ship docked in Hong Kong.  Same way, the volunteers in the hospital didn't know they got the virus.

    I understand people are scared of this virus, but blaming those who got sick is wrong. 

    and what's up with this bait title? those people didn't volunteer to spread the virus, they were volunteers working in hospital with metal health patients. They didn't know they got infected so they continued with their normal daily life and work. The incubation period for the new coronavirus is longer than 14 days.


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  10. 13 hours ago, blossoms said:

    wtf isnt that like ridiculously racist

    no, its stupid.

    some k-groups cancelled their concerts in Europe because of coronavirus ( but didn't cancel their concerts in Japan). Do you think they are "racists" or just a stupid PR move to hide something else? ( like they didn't sell tickets etc.) 


    what Burberry did  is plain stupid. 

    There is a consistent number of people infected in China, but when we think that the number represent 0,005% of China population,  we realize that the virus is kept under control there. They had to take radical measures, but they succeeded to keep the virus under control.



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  11. for being "the center" you need more than a cute/beautiful face. You need charisma and a strong stage presence. 

    All have good visuals in NCT, but not all can be "the center". 

    I think SM knew exactly what they were doing when they chose Taeyoung as the center of NCT127 and not Jungwoo. 


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