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    Me too!!! The preview already made me laughed so hard lol cant wait for jiwon's ghost story [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23]



    LOL YES! Hahaha the way they shot the video of him making his ghost story omggg XD 




    And I'm so happy he is Monk Xuanzang this time too~~




    And yay to Plan Man, new beginning! The company CEO was so sad they couldn't easily book Jiwon for another season but they waited patiently for him to be free~~ I'm really happy and excited!

  2. I like that part and also the part when Kyu and Jaehyun were so sure they won but they didn't lol. The reversal is shocking too. Since they didn't show it to us at the beginning haha.

    Yesss i already want to know who is wjo in the second part of that journey^^ That delivery games sounds funny and entertaining.


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    I just want Jiwon to keep on winning and winning XD 

  3. Hi guys~~


    I just got to watch last night's episode of NJttW.. Jiwon and Sugeun were the highlight of the episode for me, especially them getting so terribly sick after the game! The editing was so funny and Jiwon's reaction during the game, he was really very excited.


    Anyways I'm so excited for their Xiamen trip, looks like the games are gonna be even more exciting!

  4. :ahmagah: ... btw, Jiwon is not the best dancer, but for some reason I find his moves are very on point... for example, in yegam chorus, the way he moves is so nice (better than the main dancers, Jaejin & Jaeduck)... Idk if I make sense or not :._.:


    I get what you mean! There are far better dancers than Jiwon, but his charisma is just on a different level and it brings something more to his dance. *but then I could just be really biased about him so there's that......*

  5. Yassss... I've been watching the Trauma perf. nonstop since it was posted.... :stare: :rlytearpls: everything was much better than the original mv from the looks to choreography...  :rlytearpls:


    IKR!!! The choreography is on fire and Jiwon has improved so much compared to when the original Trauma was released, which is the only way to go seeing how much practice he's been getting recently. 

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  6. Hello everyone~~~~~~ ♥♥♥


    Just dropping by to say I'm going crazy over Jiwon's performance of Suddenly + TRAUMA   :rlytearpls:


    I ordered mine through yesasia.. It's 59usd on yesasia with the free shipping, and since it would just be pretty much the same from others with shipping fee included.. I chose yesasia in the end. YesAsia even lets you track your order and I have a 5$ coupon from a previous purchase. :D I've been ordering my albums from yesasia for years and they are the most efficient and most trustworthy for me, despite the highly expensive price.


    *whispers* Just avoid kpopplus guys... no matter what.. They do give your order, but when they have made a mistake they no longer reply to your messages.. so AVOID KPOPPLUS LIKE A PLAGUE

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  7. Anyone knows what is Yeo Jin-Goo up to these days?


    I don't. He has been casually updating his SNS accounts and that is all I have seen.


    He had a 2 episode documentary aired and produced by tvNAsia/OnStyle for TOMS giving project.. you guys can watch here with eng subs






    He has also finished filming for Daerib Forces (his movie with Lee Jungjae). They had a wrap-up party last night too. 




    He was also in Singapore on January 13 to promote tvN Movies with Shim Eunkyung, where they also awarded him with Most Promising Actor award. 




    He also had interviews here and there during his time in Singapore.. 






    He's been up to a bunch of things, however not well heard of since they are mostly low-key stuff..  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:

  8. Lets start talking about him. But I dont know much about him bts. I just get info from other fans. [emoji38][emoji38][emoji38]



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    If you have anything you want to know about him, we'd do our best to answer it~~




    Blooming is one of my faves.. Jiwon rarely did ballads so this song really has a special place in my heart. T_T


    He's soo cute in NJttW.. I still can't get over his adorable "Couple" dance there.. and the way he rolled his eyes at Sugeun. totally like a kid!

  9. oh, so they've already been divided into teams? instead of dividing it themselves in the opening? 

    interesting... I'm sure anything from Na PD would work. 



    awww, this reminds me of how fun 2D1N was. Not that season 3 isn't fun, but it just isn't on the same level as season 1.


    Maybe they already did an opening.. Are they straight up doing njttw just in korea or will they still fly to china?




    I actually started watching season 3 cos of Yoo PD, but it just made me miss the season 1 cast instead and so I ended up rewatching s1.. it's an endless, unhealthy cycle with a lot of variety shows that I come across with.. 

  10. Thanks! I need to rewatch that episode.


    What make this variety show(New Journey to the West)even more fun for me is the fact that I understand the languages since I am a Singapore Chinese. It is fun watching them try to pronounce the words. Haha


    Too much feels in that episode, I always tear up when I rewatch it (because of kim jongmin) T_T.




    I also love how he keeps using Chinese even if doesn't have to and keeps practicing his skills with strangers. And Sugeun just mindlessly repeats everything he says. XD


    Hahaha I get second hand embarrassment everytime they randomly go, "Ni jiao shenme mingzi---???" but it's so funny at the same time.


    I wonder if they'd do it, while filming locally in Korea. LOL

  11. Do you remember which episode was the mountain hike?



    And yass, HodongSchool.com, "if you want to learn chinese, go to HodongSchool.com". LOL


    LOL YES! "junguk-eo ga andwaemyeon, hodong seu-kul! dat keom!" XD But Hodong has been working so hard on his Chinese, he just keeps getting better and better! I wish I have his concentration when it comes to learning languages.


    Here you go!



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  12. Yasss. Hodong and Suguen. Although I don't mind Hodong and Jiwon together (papa bear + baby bear from 2D1N)


    LOL their Chinese lessons together are one of the funniest moments in the show for me. Hodongschool dot com!


    But yeah, I also miss papa bear and baby bear together. I remember when Hodong took him as a partner on purpose on that mountain hike and he gave jiwon a piggy back ride on the way.

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