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  1. omg you're here too!!! Hi! Do you remember me from soompi 1N2D thread! :D

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    2. craptelly


      I didn't expect other people would support it too! hahaha nice to see people who used to like this show! T___T

    3. sgsairl


      I'll be gone until Tuesday, won't be able to post the deleted scenes until then X(

    4. craptelly


      That's alright!!! ^_^ Take all the time you need! AND 1N2D REUNIONFDFJDGJF

  2. Haii~~ you're also a 1N2D fan, right?

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    2. AirenSG


      "Promoter Seunggi!" ROFL, the exact word for him!!

      I swear I thought and hoped for the same, but S1 has only Ho Dong, Tae Woong, Ji WOn, Jong Min & Seung Gi who can be back (they can call Na PD as a sixth member), a competition between the two teams would be perfect!!

      LoL, Seung Gi was so gullible digging his own grave with that contract, and even tried to drag Ji Won with him. Those two, whenever left alone I see them as 5~10 years old boys, they see...

    3. craptelly


      Hahahaha totally!!! I would patiently wait for that until the day it happens! It would absolutely be legendary and I'm sure many people would like that. Hahaha I love it whenever Lee PD would scare them with the contracts.. hahahaha

    4. AirenSG


      Yeah, they can use the "life contract" and five generation contract to bring them even if it's just guesting.

  3. Thank you so much for translating 8t. Truck!!! :)

  4. Yo sis~~~ hahahaha

    1. alynwiz


      Yo craptelly! ;)

    2. craptelly


      Hahahahaha!!! Keep on coming here, sis! T__T

  5. Thank you so much for translating To You Whom I Love by Sechskies!!! :))

    1. kdjjun


      You're welcome! Enjoy~ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

  6. I can't stress enough how cool is the link that you shared! Like it really had everything!!! Really great! Thanks for that!!! :D

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    2. racquelle2005


      Sure. Which group is it by? cause tbh I have no idea which song red sunset is...

    3. craptelly


      This one.. It's been covered a lot over the years.. ♥ It's by a solo singer named Lee Munse
    4. racquelle2005


      Oooo alright. I shall go and look that up right now.

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