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  1. how has college been!?!

    One week in we had mad drama. This is currently the third week and I think I failed my first quiz. Got Calc hw do tom morning, an New York Time analysis due tom (Just need to refine) I've been to every party except like two. Considered Greek Life but rn idk. 

  2. join the kendo club! 

    I still haven't had time to really look over the clubs but I have an interest in a frat so yea... I mean I avoided the first time lol cause they posted near two sororities and I was like... "Nahhhh! Too hot!"


    Btw, I saw someone who reminded me of u.

  3. hi Kevin! has summer started for u?


    wow they fit well

    Nope. One more day of school then 27 is graduation day. 28 is official last day.


    @Paul Yes please! Tell Mangonto tweet me just in case I forget. Thanks.

  4. no mafia.

    It's a unique concept.

    It'll take a week.

    Monday-Friday will be the qualifier phase where you can show up whenever you like to complete my tasks and get ranked.


    Sat-Sun will be the knockout finals, where you have to be present at a certain time.

    Oooo. When does it start?

  5. nah, im bopping to exo's monster.


    but yeah, I'm a savage. I rapped again earlier in the thread.



    Also, anticipate my 1 year oh-nniversary forum game juseyo!!



    Too lazy to go back lol. Sorry. I just woke up.


    What is it? Mafia? I might play. Been many moons.

  6. goodnight ember


    i should sleep too i have the SAT tomorrow -_- 

    Good Luck!


    I want to join my schools Leadership program or academics specialty program but I don't know which to choose. Leadership is more prestigious but academics is 100% get in atm. I'm also currently in the EOP lol. I fear it'll interfere with everything. QQ

  7. Always have at least one safety school. I'd suggest putting down a CC cause you will most likely be accepted. You also want some schools you think you can get into. Schools you want as reach are not really necessary but you can still try. Just don't be that kid who puts all Ivy schools.


    DO NOT PROCRASTINATE ON THE COLLEGE PROCESS! My friend just started caring about college now and he's so screwed.

    • Keep track of dates.
    • Don't be scared to call school offices for help. You'll only make things worse by guessing at it.

    PS: I just finished the college process as well so if you need help PM me. (I'm from NYS so I know more about that than other states.)

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