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  1. Unit

    Thanks for the add! I hope you enjoy your stay here!

  2. Totally Forgot I had sigs off for a moment lol.

  3. Hello! I love Park Bo Young too! She's so talented! ^^

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    2. TheStrange1357


      exactly. and yes i am totally looking forward to seeing her more! She is seriously such a good actress and has such a go personality. i love watching her act and be in variety shows. I am looking forward to seeing what she comes out with next!

    3. Unit


      Park Bo Young Fighting!!! <3

    4. TheStrange1357


      Definitely!! Fighting!

  4. Gotta learn Desperado by The Eagles on the Piano. Damn, it's beautiful.

  5. You live in NY? O.O

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    2. 양 지

      양 지

      Nah I live in the suburbs lol. Not cool enough for a borough. Tho I often visit my aunt in Brooklyn. U?

    3. Unit


      Oh but your aunt lives in Brooklyn so that's cool. I live in Brooklyn! :D What part does she live in?

    4. 양 지

      양 지

      Near to Queens. Idk really what place and stuff (NYC stuff is confusing T.T) but it's not really that diverse of a community lol. That was the sole observation I could capture with my head ;D

  6. ;( Looking at my friends list is depressing. Most of them are gone now and I really miss them a lot.

  7. You miss Pon too?

    1. Temptastic VII

      Temptastic VII

      A little bit, but she's been gone so long..

    2. Unit


      Same... She is never coming back though. Not after what happened... I still have her on my Skype but she never responds so.

  8. Who is that in your sig? Park Bo Young?

    1. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    2. Unit


      Thank you! She's so pretty and I've yet to watch Werewolf Boy.

  9. Sadface! I love your profile song(Instrumental).

  10. Happy Chuseok and Mid-Autumn!

  11. Hey Choco, Is that Sohyun in your sig? What drama?



      It's from her indi movie Hwanggu

      here are the cuts

    2. Unit


      OMG! My Kwon Sohyun got a spot in a movie?! So proud of her. I'll watch it later. Tyvm!

  12. School. It's too hot. Kinda excited tho. Senior year!

    1. CherryGoyangi


      Good luck to us both bro

  13. Hello, Do you know Summer_Equinox?

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    2. Unit


      :c Ik but do you know the reason?

    3. Pessego


      No she just said it was too addicting that's all ik

    4. Unit
  14. Cool sigs! Chorong!!!

    1. page6lovers


      Yeay thanks. I'm just recently into apink cause her beauty caught my eyes in mr. Chu

    2. Unit


      She's really pretty. ^^

  15. <3 Your love for Yein.

    1. A Boy Like Troy

      A Boy Like Troy


      Thank you for taking the time to post on my profile. Let's talk about how flawless Chorong looks in your DP though. Them bangs are life.

    2. Unit


      No Problem~


      ^^ Yein and Chorong are both flawless.

  16. Kawaii Chingu? What happen to your old acc and I love the sig! Chorong PR! <3

    1. Summer_Equinox


      thanks, i like your dp!xD I got it banned permanently because it was getting in the way of exams (decided it was time to make a new one)CHORONG STAN BUDDIES <3


    2. Unit


      Thank you!!! O3O Hut Hut! Stan buddies 4lyfe! <3

  17. Who is that girl in your signature? The pom pom one? ^^ She's pretty.

    1. PinkPunk


      Sana from TWICE! If you want to learn more about her this is a good video

      Or you can come to the TWICE thread on OH :)

  18. Short Films are life! I want to be in one~

  19. Honeydew. Mmmm ^^

  20. Welp. My head and eyes hurt.

  21. Narcissu.... Why didn't you stop her!? Why!! T_T

  22. Unit

    Did you have a Halla DP before? Why change?! T_T (Didn't know you were a RV fan)

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    2. SNSTD
    3. Unit


      Isn't she really pretty? She looks a little like Yein from Lovelyz (also one of my faves)

    4. SNSTD


      Yeah she is. lmao yein is my fav in lovelyz too...idk i think they look diffrent

  23. Unit

    Clear PM bro!

  24. You're Zero right? Can I use your current UN in the game?

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    2. Unit


      April 17-19

    3. HRH Ayyu

      HRH Ayyu

      that should be ok. aim to get your roles done a week before and then we can talk about how we are moding

    4. Unit


      Alright ty.

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