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About Me


Name: Jung Jinyoung

Nickname: Fox, grandfather

Group: B1A4

Birth: 1991.11.18

Bloodtype: A

Height: 178cm

Weight: 59kg

M/F: M

Talent: Writing lyrics, composing songs, thinking of everything with a positive mindset

Interest: Cooking!


"I am a future-oriented person. I try to overcome all things while thinking of the happiness to come in future. I have a lot of curiosity. Instead of being scared whenever I start something new, I first try to face it head on. However up until now I am still not sure if it is an advantage or disadvantage. I’ll have to decide based on the results."

"According to my parents, I was bright and intelligent, and I was solemn when I was born. When I see it now, I acted frivolously and I feel like something went wrong when I grew up. I lose things too easily. My parents said I wasn’t this way when I was young, but I think I lost things easily that time too. It’s a mystery."



1_zpsk31dmvfp.jpg - Kim Min Kyu (2012)        2_zpsnctlgap9.png - Gong Min Gyu (2013)



3_zpsp5nhuvua.jpg - Ban Ji Ha (2014)             4_zpsgehzug9h.jpg - Kang Se Chan (2015)



5_zpsxg8mlaqv.jpg - Ray Kim (2015)               6_zpsh2dyoqrf.jpg - Jung Poong San (2015)



7_zps45i22gmo.jpg - Geum Kang San (2015)  8_zpsh5bj2oyv.png - Kim Yoon Sung (2016)

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