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  1. Can't say this on Stan twitter or I'll get crucified. Inseong's acting in Dokgobin is Updating is so subpar and awkward. Hwiyoung is doing pretty well and I would be immersed in the story when he's acting, but everytime the shot goes to Inseong I feel like I'm being slapped back to reality.

    Also Fantasies don't realize how peaceful their fandom is and they try to act like it's so dramatic and toxic or some shit. A lot of the people on there have never been in bigger fandoms or experienced real drama and it shows. Whenever I compare to the NCTzen fandom... it's just such a joke.

  2. Kill This Love was the last interesting BP song. Lovesick Girls is just so basic and generic and it doesn't sound like kpop, in a bad way.

    In trying to appeal to the Western world, BP keeps on losing their originality. Their music sounds more and more like your average American pop song.

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  3. 42 minutes ago, Belkiss said:

    how are fans supposed to build a bond with the members if SM keeps adding new faces each time? if fans themselves are unsure if they would see their biases in the next release? if this doesn't scream manufacturing, idk what to say 

    23 members singing one song? so each has a line . i'm pretty sure  the boys themselves hate their concept 

    well but who cares? SM still got that money 


    Hmm you're obviously not a fan. NCT are huge so I'd say there are some people who did build a bond with members. Plus for people for whom the whole group is too overwhelming they just stan their preferred unit, problem solved.

    Not sure the boys would have debuted with NCT if they hated the concept so much. Hansol left

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  4. Red Velvet can go from crazy gorgeous to just plain crazy... Zimzalabim and Rookie were the worst offenders in my opinion. Psycho could've literally ended us all but :(((. I'm still in love with Peek-a-Boo, Bad Boy and RBB's styling.

    NCT/WayV have a crazy wardrobe but it works for them, especially their latest cbs (Firetruck? We don't know her).

    SF9 usually have nice outfits but I didn't really like the ones for Summer Breeze. I thought they were too bland.

  5. Trying to live through a global pandemic when your brain is fucked up enough on its own is really just the worst.

    Can someone wake me up from this nightmare already?

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