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Status Updates posted by xiaodery

  1. who is that in your sig? she's beautiful

  2. hiyori-chan *o*

  3. i saw your sig and wanted to say jiwon and changwook are better >.>

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    2. xiaodery


      well that kind of rhymed lol

      and they're not better than my otp :|. anyway she's tahwan's wife uwu

    3. SlaveMaster


      xD i just noticed it


      i hope HJW marries JMJ HAHA

    4. xiaodery


      lmao i dont mind as long as she's tahwan's in the drama ^^


      but she would look better with changwook anyway, just saying

  4. i just wanted to say that your sig is the best thing ever

    1. SAYAKA


      Thank you! Lay is the best thing ever :D

    2. xiaodery


      well that's true too lol.

      slr i forgot about this xD

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