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  1. Hello I need some help. I’m trying to look for a drama that Big Bang did back in 2006/2007. It’s about a girl that lives with them and Taeyang and GD likes her, but Seungri likes Taeyang. There is also a scene where Seungri watches Taeyang in the shower. And the drama end s with the girl cooking Seungri. I’m trying to find what the drama is called. Thanks :)

  2. I am not familiar with twitter and have no idea how curious cat work.  Is it you must show it to the public when you answer?  If it is not, why the twitter owner post it to annoy everyone.  All the chaos starting with only one cat !


    Anyway, for me anyone pointing the finger without showing up their face does not worth my time.

    it's optional that you can show it on twitter and those posts were posted on twitter and usually I ignore it but this one got me upset because it's like rumors




    They are saying that Kfans told them that Jackson is rumored to be struggling with romantic relationships, he constantly gets dumped because of it, and that he use to be into a lot of hookups (nothing wrong with hookups but it's not good to spread rumors). They also say he is cynical and doesn't believe in love and that a lot of what he says about romantic love is low key (and even high key) cynical. They also made a claim that Jackson on Facebook told his friend that love is "just chemicals" ....And snon aldl said that him getting into these hookups then back then is the reason why a lot of his fan signs kept dropping him back in the day.




    Like I said I tend to ignore anons but I hate this because it's spreading rumors. Even if it's false (which I think it is), it will be seen as a rumor or something. So I'm just upset

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  3. That's not JB... that's BJ, his cousin :lol: :lol: :lol:


    Jesus, what were they thinking? That barely bares a resemblance to him! They took out all of his recognizable features.... They aged the poor boy up! He looks 30. Also, there's something unsettling about that facial expression. Like a cry for help :lol: :lol: :lol:



    *pats back* it's okay, tots. Have hope! I was 5'2 for 19 years straight and suddenly grew two inches at 20. (I'm still waiting for my next growth spurt at 21 :lol: )


    Males tend to stop their growth spurts later than females. Jackson might still be able to grow an inch or two this year.

    Good luck, Jackson :imstupid: I believe in you and your growth plates. 



    Agreed. I hope now that he and JYPE are taking notice/care of his anemia, he'll start to gain back the weight and muscle he lost from being sick. I know some people like him now, but in certain photos it looks like he got the life sucked out of him. His cheeks are a bit gaunt too...

    omg that's so cool! I stopped growing :( I'm 21 and I haven't grown since like 14


    Yeah the pictures of Jackson right after he came back from being sick looked off. Like I couldn't put my finger on it, but he looks better now. Hopefully he puts some weight back.

    Congrats, I do hope you get that growth spurt . But you're still only an inch taller than me now. :P.


    Edit- I do hope jackson does grow taller too. Feels bad that I only talk to guys in real life that's 5 8 or taller.

    Jackson is a little over 5'8 hehehe
  4. As long as the boys are healthy I am happy. 


    I do agree it may be harder for Mark to gain the weight since their dance routines are very intense.


    Seriously someone should make a kpop wii game for US people. I would do that all the time.

    I agree, tho I like Jackson's weight during the Fly tour. He gained like 10 or 15 pounds at that time and It looked good on him.

  5. I think he is closer to 175 cm tho :D 

    Yeah he said he is like 174.7cm



    So guys I was looking at the thread about how GOT7 doesn't want to do another concept like JR and it looks like the people were shocked because it was their most recognized era especially because of the YT views. But I think they are confusing most recognized with most successful? I know people on Twitter said JR didn't really get much sales and it was "Fly" that got them to be finally big.


    Here is the tweet



    Dunno how correct she is but would you agree?

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