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  1. Hello! Are you a Korean translator? Do you mind helping me with a video? It's a 2 second clip that went so fast and I want to know who said it since the trans was going so fast. I promise it's easy since it's a 2 second clip

    1. harusaka


      Sorry, I'm a Chinese Translator T_T Perhaps you can ask the users that are active at the thread for Korean Lyrics Request here: https://onehallyu.com/topic/60065-k-music-lyrics-translation-master-request-thread/

  2. Since you are the OP of the Jinson thread, I was wondering if you have any nice high quality Jinson pictures. I am going to request a Jinson badge :3

    1. Blank Space

      Blank Space

      i actually just switched computers so i lost all of my photos ;-;

    2. Cinnamon buns
  3. psssp! I like your bias and dp!!

    1. Lazy Daisy

      Lazy Daisy

      Aww thank you <3 I like yours too. Dorky Jackson :P

  4. Yeah I have seen let's plays of the 3DS version and yeah there are slight differences and much better graphics lol. I only played the remastered Majora's mask on 3DS, but it wasn't mines :(. There are no Legend of Zelda games on Steam T_T.

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    2. Link


      Which games do you want to play? I'll try and find a safe link for you and PM it to you. ^^

    3. Cinnamon buns

      Cinnamon buns

      Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker and tho this isn't Legend of Zelda related, I actually mainly want to play Conker Bad Fur Day first lol. Have you heard of that game? and Thanks

    4. Link


      Ah okay, then you just need a GC and N64 emulator. I'll PM you in a bit with safe links for both. I just found a good one for N64 and OoT works really well on it so far. ^^ You should be able to play any titles from these consoles on them.


      And I didn't recognise the name of that game, but I googled it and it does look familiar. It has a really good rating, too. I might play it some time. :P

  5. This will help you take out your sexual frustration. Lol he takes off his pants twice in this video!!

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    2. Clay


      what was its name ?

    3. Cinnamon buns

      Cinnamon buns

      Sorry I did not see this. idk but I don't get alerts for comments on statuses. You probably seen it already.

      2:26 is where he takes off his pants. I can't believe I am still screaming when I saw this video 1000000x



    4. Clay
  6. Thanks ;D!! Your dp is quite hot too!!

  7. I like your sig. I really like mines though it's pervy lol

    1. Snow White

      Snow White

      Thanks! I like yours too, though indeed it seems a bit pervy, haha. But what can we do if Sunny is so perfect :D

  8. So it looks like Jessica was originally suppose to do the belt at 0:18 not Taeyeon!! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=S0JkuTzjFPI

    1. Messica



  9. Hey I see people are submitting badges to see if it's useable on the badge guideline thread. I'm wondering how are these users cropping the images they want to badge size? I want to create a badge too.

  10. I notice you stalk my profile often :x

    1. continuum


      ahahaha I actually "stalk" a lot of people. I like clicking things and when I'm bored on here I take a peek at the profiles of random people :X I didn't realize you were Mizu before either o3o

    2. Cinnamon buns

      Cinnamon buns

      Hehehe yep!!! I changed my name to this because it's cute!!! •ㅅ•


  11. You guys on tc? I may have forgotten the link again lol

    1. Nekci


      It's just my room. /niki7

  12. Is D.O your ultimate bias?

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    2. d.onutboy


      lol, i'm not forgetting about Kyu... (?) jk xD

    3. Cinnamon buns

      Cinnamon buns

      I followed you but you never followe back :(

    4. d.onutboy


      wut? on tw?

  13. May I use your I love sad face badge? :3

    1. sadface


      sure haha. just request it on the award thread! I always accept more minions :D

    2. Cinnamon buns

      Cinnamon buns

      Thanks! Yay I'm a minion!!! I added you as a friend on OH, btw lol.

  14. I read your sig. You are asking people to donate you won lol? I should do that too.

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    2. Lag


      I could never directly ask a friend for won, I guess it's not in my nature, lol. I tried using Mystery Won, but I always end up back to the original amount of won I had. :// I also never win at the lottery. The ride for 250k will never end and I want to get off, lol.

    3. Cinnamon buns

      Cinnamon buns

      Have you got any won yet from your sig advertisement?

    4. Lag


      Nope..I only put it there this morning so it's too early to say if it works or not. I will love whoever does it forever.

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