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Status Updates posted by illunnienati

  1. Blackpink's dungeon maid .

  2. Gross sobbing at the fact that I'll never play FF XIV .

  3. SUMMERRRRRRRR VACAAAAAY KJNWKWQD...and I'm still doing nothing.

  4. My school life is tumblin'down tumblin' down tumblin' dowwnnn.

  5. Finally , welcome to OH! SirTab~

  6. *waifus you* You can't run away now.hah

  7. Nan nappeun gijibae nanan nappeun gijibae nan nappeun gijibae Where all my bad gals at?

  8. Back , worst sunburn ever and such a basic song cl but I love it.

  9. This Art trip will be the end of me, can't wait.

  10. Back to accepting nudes xoxo

  11. This green is clashing with my profile so much, not cool.

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