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  1. They were last in votes the last time I saw it so probably not.


    I see. Thanks for the update. Oh well, they've won plenty before anyways  :smile:  :chu:


    SNSD will win :ahmagah:  :ahmagah:  :ahmagah: . I mean BJs is lazy & yglovers too when come to voting. Only SM groups can win. Snsd & suju twitter voting is more than 1ml vote far behind 1D with >100k vote, not to mention 2ne1 :omg:  :omg:  :omg:  :omg:



    Uhmm okay  :wth: If Soshi wins then good for them. I was a Sone before so I'm alright if they win. Honestly any of the Kpop groups can win and I'll be happy  :happy:

  2. It's not even worth addressing. We were appalled when we heard it too. (Rumors of 2NE1 disbanding) does not make sense at all. 2NE1 is even planning to release a new song this year."


    this statement makes me feel better but still sad 


    Precisely! Just because uncertainty is nothing new doesn't mean any of us aren't affected. I felt the same way when I read that statement, too. :( Frankly, with the popularity with 2NE1 have garnered through their hard work and with the situation the girls are in (CL going solo [momentarily], Dara w/ her dramas, Minzy with school amongst other things, Bom on the down-low), you'd think that YG would be pulling the shots FOR 'FOR REAL' with this rather than just, "wtf guys no" (AND THAT'S NOT EVEN CONSIDERING HOW MANY TIMES HE'S DELAYED STUFF)

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  3. I'd just like to point out that disbandment rumors for the girls happen, like, every year ( :derp:). Hell, every 6-8 months. And they have been wrong EVERY TIME. Things can change, I know, but people are just so desperate for the girls to disband it's outrageous how pressed they are  :imstupid:


    Nonetheless, you wonder if these people even think about the wellbeing of the fans. It makes me furious to see people start shit to get a reaction. like wtf you're not a scientist you can't just test shit willynilly. And in the expense of the fan's feelings as well. 2NE1 is band that really helped me during harder times when I was in HS AND has opened me up a lot. To be caught in a constant tug-of-war of whether or not because people like to mess with us is so emotionally draining it's CRAZY. They hold a really special place in my heart  :cry: (and I am sure in everyone else's as well). Just because we've gotten used to rumors and ploys like these doesn't mean they dont hurt us  :rlytearpls:


    Just thought I would share my two cents  :)  

    And to the fans who are feeling the same, we're all in this together so don't give up  :smile:

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  4. After being asked if she has heard of any asian pop, Conchita Wurst talked about 2NE1



    ''2NE1, I love them ! If it comes to asian fashion magazines i always think they are a step ahead of the rest of us and I really do enjoy.''




    Source : http://www.sbs.com.au/popasia/blog/2015/05/25/eurovision-star-conchita-wurst-fan-which-asian-pop-group


    OMG  :ahmagah:  :rlytearpls:




    Hey fam, getting a lot of attention in this contest, getting more points and attention. If you could share this, give it a comment or whatever, it'll really help out.


    Thanks a bunches.







    Tumblr'd it  :smile:

  5. I didn't know people were saying that... She sounds the same to me?


    IDK they're trying to find a way to make this cultural appropriation. GIVE UP GUYS PLS SHE HAS AN AMERICAN ACCENT WHEN SHE SPEAKS SHE ISN'T FAKING ANYTHING FFS


    I saw those comments too. I have an American accent too and English is not my first language either. I don't get the problem..


    I second this too. English is my first language but I've previously never lived in America (or any where in "the West"). But I've went to international school for some time (as CL has) and some kids that went to my school - along with myself - had developed an American accent or essentially have their accent (to whatever extent) sounding Americanized. I hear this is the case for other international school stuents as well. Nothing new, tbh. It's what you get after studying/being in IS and/or an English-speaking environment. And CL started IS from a young age so her accent is more developed as such. They can't accuse of faking an accent, espicially when they haven't heard her rap/sing/speak in English or know what her background in English is. Case closed. People can deny as much as they want but this former IS student speaks from experience:datass:


    ok rant done, carry on  :smile:



    admittedly, I'm mixed on the song  :._.:


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  6. did you guys watch bad blood? the m/v really reminded me of 2ne1's come back home m/v, especially some props and some scenes i was like omg 2ne1 cbh the whole time lol; not sure if i was the only one...i hope i'm not like delusional omg   :rlytearpls:


    It actually did. 

    Especially when Taylor was lying down + when she was getting handled by the Trinity. (reminded me of Follow Me + CBH)


    If anything, I wish 2NE1's comeback was like Bad Blood.. 


    Same here! (I knew there would be BJs picking up the vibes in the vid :hurr:) I was thinking of Come Back Home when she was in the tunnel with the mask and smokey-stick-thingo (pardon me, I really don't know what it's called haha)

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    0:04 - Dancers doing the Fire dance move
    1:52 - Jinusean, Dara & YG dancers doing the I am the Best dance moves
    2:17 - Dara doing the Fire dance move followed by other artists
    2:50 - Everyone doing the I am the Best dance moves



    I was thinking the exact same thing!!! 



    Minzy after BigBang’s Made concert in Seoul





    cr: chaegzbb



    Minjiiiiii you're so purty <3 <3

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