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    Hello guys good night stop swearing at me on the comments section yall don't even know me don't even know how i am who i am yall dont live where i live fck yall fck off shh i'm mad

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Trophies and Medals

  1. TVXQ - Catch Me

  2. Dark Badge [Poh!kémon Summer Camp 2020]

    Your team won the Dark Badge in the Poh!kémon Summer Camp Event in 2020!

  3. Psychic Badge [Poh!kémon Summer Camp 2020]

    Your team won the Psychic Badge in the Poh!kémon Summer Camp Event in 2020!

  4. Red Mini Crewmate

    Pet of the Among OH! Event

  5. Wall-E

    Pet of the Among OH! Event

  6. EXPERT PIN 2019: PeepoJail

    A pin of the PeepoJail emote for participating in the 2019 game of the MemOHry Lane event.

  7. Red Velvet - Perfect Velvet

    Red Velvet - Perfect Velvet

  8. COVID-19 Awareness Ribbon

    A Ribbon to help support those affected by the COVID-19, and those working to protect us all.
    Raise Awareness of the importance of the vaccine.
    Check the advice for the public on COVID-19 from the World Health Organization for detailed documentation.
    As well as the page dedicated to the COVID-19 vaccines.

  9. Pride Flag

    The Pride Flag

  10. Valentine 2021: Matched Pin

    A pin of Matched OHbi for participating in the Valentine 2021 with your match!

  11. Taurus

    April 20 - May 20
  12. OH ADVENT CALENDAR 2021: Red Ohbi

    A pin received on the first day of the OH Advent Calendar event.

  13. Lopmon

    Lopmon from Digimon.

  14. Red Velvet Light Stick

  15. Shinko

    The couple validated by seodo

  16. KINGDOH!M 2021: Legendary War

    KINGDOH!M: Legendary War Pin

  17. Changmin Signature

    A signature of Changmin from TVXQ

  18. Black Cat

    Every other night they bring bad luck but in Halloween they give good luck

  19. Full Moon

    Tonight is a full moon beware of the werewolf

  20. Sehun Signature

    A sign of sehun from EXO

  21. Irene Locket

    Irene Locket 

  22. Bat

    Lurking in the night you can adopt this bat

  23. Swablu

    Swablu from Pokémon

    Artwork by: @Milavanii

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