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  1. Chinese Unit I'd kill for. 


    Renjun, Winwin, Chen Le, Kun, Lucas, Taeil and Ten. 


    Knowing SM it's probably going to be 


    Renjun, Winwin, Chen Le, + NCT 127 




    Same but instead of TaeiI i would add Jungwoo, he has been around Kun and Lucas for so long so i think they have some plans to debut them together

    Imagine the visuals omg they would be so popular

  2. They need to debut together but from the rumours over the past few days, next Unit is NCT U + Lucas & Jungwoo, although I have no idea why SM would leave Kun in the dungeon for so long or why they would debut half of 127 in another unit. 



    oh seems that China unit won't debut soon warstarplz.png i still hope they debut this year, i feel that they would do so well in China because they have so many visual members


    I agree!! x 100000 he seems so close to Winwin! I think he prefers to be looked after as the younger one (as opposed to him looking after Chenle). Like he said a few times how much he liked Mark because he was his only hyung in Dream.

    Not to say he doesn’t like Chenle too! China unit would be awesome though. Wasn’t Kun the first one to wish Renjun happy birthday? They must all be v close


    Yeah i think he does, he acts so mature around the dream members but once he is around winwin he acts like a baby

    I want to see that side of him more often rlytearpls.png

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