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Status Updates posted by romisk

  1. Hi, i'd like to change my profile to Lurkercrawl, i already bought the LurkerCrawl House Stamp, how do i change my profile?

  2. Hey buddy, how are you doing?

    1. Callum


      Replying to this a year later.. is it too late to use New Year New Me as an excuse?? hey!

  3. Hey Callum, are you online?

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    2. romisk


      Add me there, we're starting a chat with a few atrl members, you should join! My ID is romiskes

    3. romisk


      Are you joining? :)

    4. Callum


      uh yeah I think I've added you? my ID is caldou

  4. ewwww, not a fetus ashjsahjsajhsa

  5. that CAP pic omg <3

    1. 4Minutes Left

      4Minutes Left

      King <3<3<3


      Love the Nana pic too

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