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  1. Highway To Heaven

    1. shugwi


      didn't know how to reach you but you please post more flattering pics of Jisoo if you make a thread of her you don't need to post every single one from the press it would be better if they are from her fansites.

  2. finally awaken to kill this love

  3. simon says we're a real vibe killer~

  4. "Regular? Irregular?"

    1. DEEmoniac


      Regular , because i'm not ready with Irregular


    2. neozone


      Hahaha the Irregular teaser was too much for the heart XD

  5. "I'll see you again, when all flowers bloom"

  6. "Memories always bring tears"

  7. “Don’t give up. You’ve still got a couple of motherfckers to prove wrongâ€

  8. i got this, i'm truly fine~

  9. baby why i'm so lonely...

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