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  1. that's pretty standard i think, maybe slightly on the shorter end. a quick look at some other popular kdrama suggest they are usually about 16-21 episodes of about an hour each? 


    i generally don't care/follow k-dramas, but i have to say the trailer looks pretty darn good and high production i'm actually impressed.

    honestly if onew gets decent amt of screen time and does well, this might be a bigger boost to his acting career than anything minho has ever done (love minho to bits, but that poor guy only ever gotten idol-dramas and medical top team flopped which really isn't helping with his acting career. finger crossed he gets something break-out). 


    i don't care for k-dramas either but i was a little interested with the trailer, looks like it has a bit of action in it so i'll check it out for that and onew and try and ignore the cheesy love scenes. i was only gonna watch any onew cuts but i might watch the whole thing.


    i still don't know what minho really is doing acting in these idol dramas, has he ever even expressed an interest in acting? or is it just cuz he has a conventionally attractive face? lol hopefully some of these movies he's doing will sort of distance him from the bad rep he has as an idol actor, personally i think he would do a lot better in dramas that don't have a romantic plot and have characters with more depth. or maybe i only think that because i think all k-dramas need to step back from the romantic plots with 2 dimensional characters haha

  2. 160104 vyrl update onew



    does anyone know how many episodes of dots there will be? 



    Blonde throwback









    What was he reacting to here? haha





    My bad about the size.


    i hated his blonde hair so much but since he's gotten rid of it i've come to like it  :rlytearpls:

  3. judging by their clothes, this has to be filmed the same day they did the line music live stream event, which is on onew's birthday. they share the same birthday??!!

    seems like shinee had a party the night before. no wonder they all looked so dead at the airport that morning and 2min was wearing the same clothes they wore to rain's concert. 


    aww that's cute  :rlytearpls:

  4. 160101 m-on onew Q&A trans


    Q: If you're not a musician what would you be?
    Onew: Architect


    Q: Favorite Japanese food
    O: Ramen


    Q: If you compare yourself to an animal, what would you be?
    O: Snake


    Q: "I like this part of SHINee"?
    O: The S part.


    Q: What action done by a girl makes your <3 thump?
    O: Brushing her hair (off her face/tucking behind an ear, etc)


    Q: What kind of person are you?
    O: Moody person


    Q: Person you want to meet the most?
    O: My mom. It's her bday today. 


    Q: Your recommended point in your new album?
    O: Point!


    Q: Praise yourself
    O: My voice is nice.


    Q: When did you recently laugh hard?
    O: Yesterday. When I had a party with the members.


    Q: Do you eat your fave food 1st or last
    O: First and last. I eat it twice


    Q: Tell us a secret of a member
    O: Secret


    Q: Things you have to bring during tour
    O: Phone and computer


    Q: Invisibility, flight, or transformation?
    O: Flight


    Q: What do you do when stressed?
    O: Sleep


    Q: What to do if tomorrow is your holiday?
    O: Sleep


    Q: Tell us a small thing you're proud of
    O: My fingernails are small


    Q: Which is scarier, rollercoaster or haunted house?
    O: Neither


    Q: What do you do on New Year
    O: I eat ricecake soup


    Q: Pls show us a pose



    (Onew also said his favorite song in DxDxD is Wishful Thinking)


    credit: keihissi



    i wonder when this was filmed... happy late bday to onew's mum if you're reading this  :imstupid:


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