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  1. Names of GM(s) Hosting: shawnee

    Game Title: Project Couture

    Date Hosting: May 23-June 6

    How long will this game/event be?: 2 weeks!

    Objective of the Game (please explain): Choose a model and submit photos of that model wearing a stylish outfit that fits the theme of each round. Judges will score the looks and fashionable submissions will advance.

    Difficulty (1-5 scale, 1 = very easy, 5 = very hard): 2-4 (depends on the theme and your choice of model!)

    Type of sponsorship requested (tokens, stamp, etc.): 1 stamp and 1 ring

    Prize distribution: Primary winner gets to choose between stamp and ring, secondary winner gets the unchosen prize. Each may also get undetermined prizes, such as won, provided by me.

    Reason for your request: It's a long game, one round a day, and it takes time to search for a cute look that suits the theme. I think the winner deserves something great for their time and effort. Fashion is a tough industry.

    What sets your game/event apart from the others? Why should the Events Team sponsor it?: Project Couture started out in 2013 as a game called The Color Game, Onehallyu's original fashion competition. Over time, the game has developed and improved, rebranding to Project Color, and most recently, Project Couture. Many regular players and spectators look forward to each season, since it is normally only hosted once or twice a year.

  2. Jessica... I always thought she was one of the least attractive in the group before her jaw shave. And then she just kept getting prettier and prettier, IGAB was totally her peak, she was a living barbie doll  :lub: I do miss her old nose though, the curve was adorable. I think now, her face is way too shiny and tight and she's lost that youthfulness, but her features are great for editorials.



    did dean get ps? did he get a nose job?


    i think these are past photos of him















    Ooo yeah I hadn't seen these photos of him till now but it was obvious to me his nose was fake, it's that typical STRONG bridge and long round pointy tip. You can tell in the fourth pic his nose was pretty crooked and the implant kinda fixed it.


  3. Are you talking about this?  I still can't tell if she got a shave or it's just botox/injections cuz here her chin looks the same as before?



    Then here her chin is more v-shaped with her face slightly tilting downward? I guess we'll never know. Sulli looks like she got something done on her chin too. Maybe a chin implant?


    well Luna has always had a v-line chin, I'm not sure what you mean. Same with Sulli.

  4. When exactly do you think she got it? Cuz it was literally like night n day. One day she had her original chin then the next day it's gone.

    No clue. I want to say some time after red light promotions ended. I remember she went to that event with Sulli, I think it was the first or one of the first times we saw Sulli again. I thought her face looked smaller then but I didn't think anything of it. 

  5. I noticed Luna looks more like her old self again so I'm guessing she got fillers/injections before the 4walls cb and now they're finally wearing off? I'm still wondering about her chin tho. Is that from a shave or injections too? I can't tell.



    Some injections probably did wear off but also her makeup was just really bad in this video. Angry brows and yellow eyeshadow. Her face is still snatched on Instagram.


    I think Luna shaved her jaw, it's the procedure I'm most sure about. Her face is so tiny now.



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  6. Can pent up my frustration related to kpop and ps here?


    Sometimes I want to slap these idols, you have a perfectly beautiful face please stop ruining it with unnecessary ps/botox/filler :._.:


    What kind of environment that they live in, they don't even realize that their face is perfectly fine, they are beautiful.

    I remember Stella Kim said every time she went to see the dermatologist or whatever, they would suggest a bunch of things for her to get done or improve. I guess it gets into their head after a while.


    I'm at least grateful many Korean clinics are as good as they are, they could be looking a lot worse.

  7. VIXX is #14 on weekly gaon chart :)  I really don't understand digital charts since it's harder for me to read and understand vs album sales numbers and don't know how they did for past releases, but I have a feeling this is really good right? Meaning they haven't fallen out of the charts and still up there?  Any idea how to find number of streams or downloads eventually?  I just rely on whatever is on wiki lol.

    it's okay. lowest weekly debut since GR8U, and 2nd lowest first week downloads since Hyde (Chained Up was a bit lower)


    they need to do better.

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