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  1. I think a lot of it was a posturing exercise by the k-pop industry. I still remember an article about 2PM having some "sakuras" to fill in the empty seats to give off the impression that they're popular in Japan than they actually are.


    Anecdotally, I actually went to a Big Bang concert in Kyocera Dome Osaka back in December last year which happens to be one of the biggest venues in Japan. The venue was only half-full with only the arena and 1st level being relatively filled out. The second level and balcony seats were unused and covered. Which leaves me thinking why they couldn't have gone for a smaller venue if they knew they didn't have the demand to fill the venue. 

    In the same month, I went to a Kuwata Keisuke's tour in the same venue and the whole dome was filled to capacity. Concert attendance is a pretty good proxy for measuring an artist's popularity in Japan. It goes without saying that Kuwata-san has a significantly bigger pulling power than Big Bang. 

    I thought so. I hear a lot about kpop concerts being half full despite selling out the whole concert. They basically sold out the portion they were trying to selling and not the whole venue. 


    Honestly, with Japanese artists, I feel like it comes down to whether the companies want to, rather than whether or not they can. It makes sense for kpop to do so many big tours since it's probably the fastest and easiest way to make their money since they aren't staying in Japan long term.


    Like with Keyakizaka, even though they always sell a buttload of copies and a bajillion people always go to their handshake events, the biggest concert they've done so far is Nippon Budokan. If they REALLY wanted to, they probably could have jumped straight to an arena or dome by now.


    That being said, if you were to compare idols, kpop is still really popular in Japan so they're going to have a relatively easier time doing arenas/domes. Most Japanese girl groups aren't even that popular so it's not like they can even get to the point of being able to decide to do a dome/arena in the first place. 

    That makes sense as well. Seeing as how kpop idols are getting dome tours after 2 years compare to the j-artist who been around now getting a dome tour. i.e OOR. 

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  2. Not to knock anyone success, but it always tickle my stomach how easily kpop idols get Domes and Arena tours. While actual J-artist have to wait years. 

    I don't really pay attention to numbers, but do they legitimately be selling out these concerts. I know Japan is full of concert goers. 

  3. western kpop fandom is a beast that'll eat itself i swear to god. those fans ruined the whole genre and it has 1% with anything remotely related to music, 99% to do with very young, very entitled people who crave validation and the way kpop is built, with the many competitions and rankings and titles, it makes perfect for that. it's like Dota 2 but with vlives and without the peeing in monster cans (i'm ASSUMING) 



    tbh that's why i get so sour when certain kpop fandoms ride off of certain jpop groups. i'm being unfair of course because it's perfectly possible they all enjoy the music, but some of them are so ignorant (also not their fault) and i can't help but feel like they're using it as yet another measuring stick.


    I don't like bandwagon Kpop fans either and sometimes the majority don't give 2 effs about JP/entertainment unless their faves are there. 

  4. I thought Kpop fans found out about Japanese hip hop scene when they tweeted about Kohh but turns out he was eating out someone and someone did an IG live of it omg

    The girl was Ayana Miyamoto, a model..supposedly. Girlschannel post abt it

  5. I've seen heavy debates over the word "daddy" and I don't really get it - I feel like only socially awkward people would take something like that and themselves so seriously. It's just not that deep to me.




    Does anyone else get Tsunku from this?

    The song sounds like JYP was trying to go for the Black eyed Pilseung sound. I like it tho. The "rap" sound like it could be Tsunku tho.

  6. Everybody knew Neji was used to push NaruHina together. Neji dying from a big ass splinter didn't make sense because he has revolving heaven and most definitely could've dodged it along with Hinata and Naruto. I think Neji death made was the second thing that made me salty after finding out what Itachi did for Konoha.


    I like Naruhina but Neji didn't have to die for them to come together. Kishi stays killing the characters who always deading Naruto naive ass thinking. 

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  7. Isn't it interesting how, on a K-pop forum (because let's not delude ourselves, this isn't an Asian music forum), the J-pop crowd has pretty much stayed in tact, but almost none of the K-pop fans stuck around as long?

    Its because they are always fighting over irrelevant stuff like charts, sales, views and awards. I think me being into j-entertainment helped alot when I got into kpop because in so honesty I don't know how to check music charts and I don't really Care for them. I'll congratulate and keep it moving. I'm more for the music and low key they visuals. Its also really rude to me when people call other groups flops and such.
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  8. I don't understand the hype behind Twice. I've seen their Korean shit and it's nothing special lol. Like yeah they have some catchy bubblegum Pop but that's like 95% of generic K-Pop. Non of the girls have a distinct look or gimmick.



    Yet all these K-Pop drones are screaming YAAAS and slay like wtf lol





    K-Pop was a mistake -Twinblades

    Im not going to lie I like Twice songs aside from Knock-Knock, But they(onces) are hyping them up the same way VIPs hype up Bigbang. Bigbang garner over 1 million people for the tour last year, and VIPS were saying they are super popular in JP, but where was those people to buy MADE JP album and there was 10 vers. of MADE. Its nothing but Hype- Kpop fans thrive off it.

  9. Sexualising? where? 


    where? imstupid.png

     wut imstupid.png

    For clearer understanding, her outfit is sexualising her at 12 and ninjas don't wear high-heels(yet Tsunade, Sakura & some other characters wear them) according to some people of the Naruto fandom. Also by some people logic its okay for other animes and mangas to sexualise girls but b/c Naruto never did fanservicerolleyes.gif  or sexualiserolleyes.gif anyone its not okay.


    I was being funny with my post. I can see the "issue" but most of them seem to be on a bandwagon. 

  10. Hah okay, so Kanjani8 fandom got some big news tonight delivered by the group on KanJAM. Their new album (that they didn't release last year but they still managed to sneak into the top 5 overall best-selling artists anyway) will be released on June 28th.


    And someone just told me that it's on the same day as TWICE's Japanese debut.


    OMG Johnnys can be savage when they want to LOL.

    Lol. It is the same day. Oh well.




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  11. Speaking of the Amber issue...


    You know, I always found it interesting how, if an SK act doesn't do well they hardly promote, but in Japan it's a little different (depending on circumstances). They still make new material even if they "flop." I'm really happy for that (until... they completely stop releasing stuff).

    Which is dumb. imho. They obviously aren't doing well because the company A: Isn't promoting them B:the company pushed them aside to promote their newest group or C: The company was being greedy and instead of having them make a mark in their home base first; they send them to JP.  Probably other reasons too such as the company they are from is some unknown country so people arent gonna give them chance unlike known and popular companies.

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