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  1. i was so happy ... practically rolling on my bed .. sigh , namjoonie why so cute ..

  2. and when he said that , i was like FAINT .. bye ..

  3. namjoonie did say hai to fans in malaysia rite, dats was because i keep spamming him wit please say hai to malaysian armys .. lol

  4. i like RUN , i really love RUN , what impact that you guys talking about , RUN is one of my favorite bangtan title track

  5. awww ,.. namjoonie , thats so sweet of you . please take a good care of yourself baby .. we love ya ..

  6. bangtan set the standard to high for me .. =)

  7. its not that i dont try to like any other group song, its just that i was so used to listening to bangtan that i dont even want to check out any other group than bangtan

  8. me , every morning, while driving, listening to a local radio, i heard ikon's song this morning, and i was like eeeeuuwww, quickly change to other radio lol

  9. to my freakin sexay namjoon , get well soon babe.

  10. i love v for the way he is .. dont ever change just because people expect you to be this to be that .. No, V , just be you .. i love you

  11. i really love it when they wearing sandal lol. it looks cool and.not ugly at all ..

  12. im not a machine .. and you , you also dont remember a lot of things rite and keep asking me the same ques over and over again .. are your brain stop functioning or what ?.. geezzzz

  13. for 3 months i do works for 2 people .. and you expect me to remember every single thing .. please, im a HUMAN, im not perfect..

  14. Hadir dirimu memulihkan ku, Kelibat cinta permain rindu kecewa, Bisikan indah khayalan ku seketika, Airmata ini mengalir ku sendiri, Moga kelam resah ku kan berlalu pergi

  15. my boss is crazy . i hate her ..

  16. try to checked out exo new song. i cant even finish it . lol . 😂

  17. ever since i know bangtan i couldnt listen to any other group new song lol #bangtantrash

  18. kim tae in all balck is.so.freaking sexay . WHY .

    1. Stepkdramafan226


      Welcome back, I do not see the option to make a new comment. Sorry

    2. VHope AzAd

      VHope AzAd

      ^ that msg is for me rite . or not .. haha, still hello step, i really want to tell you this, that i really love VHOPE thread .. jjangg jjangg <3

  19. i keep.smiling like crazy . 😱😱😱😄😄😄 ottokeeee

  20. i keep.smiling when i read that thread . it is not helping me to calm down at all . i wanna spazz too even silently . lol

  21. i kennot . i am so jealous of u guys . whyyyyyy ..

  22. can i kick him out aagghh . i is so.angry . lol .

  23. so sad . i.cant stream for.the concert today . geezz . my boss sitting beside me . urrghh .i wanna go home so.bad .

  24. so sleepy aarghhh . i cant sleep rite now . please no . not rite now .

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