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VHope AzAd

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  1. on repeat . lol . but i need to sleep but what sleep . i know . i am crazy rite now . BYE .

  2. i legit cannot sleep rite now . and i cant stop listening to Blood Sweat Tears . someone help.me .

  3. hang on please, just for tonight . lol ..

  4. my poor fingers ..my poor hands . one for pc, one for phone ..

  5. so excited for tonight, and yassss i take one day leave just for bangtan .. just to stay up stream on you tube as much as i can .. bhuaahaaaahaa

  6. shit , thats was so AMAZING ..

  7. not gonna lie . i heard it .. bop bop bop is everywhere .. fucking lit .. i love it . make me dance lol ..

  8. im fine with everything, so i dont really care solo or group as long ase they are from bangtan .. im happy enough ..

  9. guys , dont fight , why u guys always have to fight with each other everytime bangtan's comeback..

  10. VHOPEEEE babyyyy ~~~~~ .... gonna change my dp and sig ...

  11. i was with them during stay, cry, monalisa, this is war, smoky girl era.. sigh .. such a good memories .

  12. the op who post about MBLAQ .. freaking made me cry .. i miss them , i miss MBLAQ .. i still remember all of their song .. sigh ..

  13. hide ur favs peope KINGS will make a comeback.on 10oct and shook all ur favs ass ppheeww

  14. yassssss guys . im shook . dont touch me guys . freaking 10oct .. .

  15. i hate my boss .. boooooooooooooo

  16. after butterfly was finish, bammm FIRE ...

  17. bangtan really know when to show up when i was feeling down .. thank you .. its lift up my spirit.

  18. i was so down going to work today, listened to a local radio, then someone request bangtannie's song butterfly ..

  19. im on level 6 on V app .. wowww.. lol

  20. and i keep spamming i love him lottsssss ..

  21. thank you for noticing us .. !

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