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  1. happy birthday kim taehyungie . i love you so much .

  2. im fine either jungkook, jin , v or jimin got their ost first .. honestly it doesnt matter .. i do have bias , but i practically love all 7 of them ..

  3. omg , i was so happy when i saw that official statement from melon .. i was like fffuhhhh .. now haters aka Ex0L shittttt , kindly please .. Shut the Fuck up

  4. two of my colleagues.. i really hate both of them ..

  5. WINGS worlddd tourrr .. yassss , i wish i can go when they come here .. please .. !!

  6. sm not restocking ...*ooopss , the same exact shit too ... !! .. facepalm

  7. ' At the end of the day Korean entertainment acknowledge them as triple million sellers"- the same exact shit, talk to the hands !!!

  8. yassss 400 .. now , i have to choose jhope badge or v badge .. arrrrghh .. =(

  9. im in the middle of making mama accounts to vote .. siggh ..

  10. i cannot even vote using my facebook n twitter .. sighhhh ... damn shit .

  11. please help me .. i want to vote for bangtan .. but it keep saying my email is invalid and in use .. arrrrggghh ...

  12. salty enough with bangtan having fansigns .. kekekekeke . i hope big hit decide to have 20, 30, 40 more fansigns to piss off some exo l here .. lol

  13. obviously some of you care tho when you keep talking about bangtan on ur main thread ..

  14. some exo l is so hypocrites eaaaa.. if u dont care, then act like u dont care .

  15. poor adda , she's so freaking annoying

  16. exo l so insecure eyhh ..

  17. exo l so petty eyh .. talking shit about bangtan in their sales thread ,

  18. i used my company gmail acc to like BST mv .. lol ..

  19. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Park Jimminieeeee . stay cute as u are .. 😘😘😘

  20. the very first thing i do when i arrive at work , opened my pc, search for youtube Blood Sweat Tears, lol

  21. i cant stop listening to blood sweat tears, helpppppp meeee . lol .. and lost too n other tracks too !!!

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