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  1. i hate it when i caught people talking thrash behind my back, but still better than not knowing at all and eat their fakeness

  2. but today i listen to it again repeatedly .sigh , i guess i just love that song so much . oh bangtan

  3. i've been listening to SP for months since its released (i mean that the only song on playlist (repeatedly), then stopped but still listen to it sometimes .lol . finally i can stop doing that . phheeww

  4. he never change still a vampire .lol. i love MOAI n TIK TOK the best

  5. bangtan make me jamming seo taiji again .its been years since i stop listening to him. ik him becoc of his scandal with his ex wife .lol

  6. never in my wildest dream i will see BTS with BYE .. lol

  7. omg , before you exit . i was a fan of them before , lol .. but now , i dont follow them anymore .. oh connorrrr .. wahhh jeon kookieeee ..

  8. fair n square . kekekekeke

  9. becoz my badges is army, jessica ,vhope, jhope, so i decided to have kim tae as my dp

  10. my jung jessica is in kl now .. can't believe it . i breath the same air as her . i wish i can go see her . huhuhuhu

  11. omg . i forgot .. jung hoseok happy birthday baby ... i love you

  12. i keep smiling seeing jeon jungkook graduation pics. hes so cuteeeeeee .. !!!!

  13. aaaaaa kim tae omg . rap mon wowwww . bts im melting

  14. lol .. i cant load the page .. sigh

  15. i miss u so much .it hurts me so bad .you're married now.i can't even congratulate you .

  16. lol. shawol , why so butthurt , just because i comment 'park jimin' lmao. whatever .

  17. my crush, he's married now .. why i feel so sad .. T_________T

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