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  1. To taeyeon, I remember every single thing what u did to jessica specially on happy together when you were there with her and tiff, you were just so freaking obvious that you hate her and now this, wooowww, no wonder people said she have bad personality. Im done with all of you who keep on spreading lies after lies about jessica's departure.  One day karma will come to you .

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  2. 3 hours ago, melancholic autumn said:

    A mere Kpop idol can't kick out members of their own group, even if they're the leader. Just like how in any jobs only the person who can fire you is your boss, not your coworker. 


    edit: whoever rated my post as a "clown" (which I think is one of the most annoying slang use) obviously has never worked a job a day in their life. 

    They did kicked her out.  So you clown shut up when you know nothing.  Read back jessica's statement from herself after she was kicked out . 

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