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  1. http://31.media.tumblr.com/fc4d902d718d2b4be9e6b62fe4d3f66d/tumblr_n42535qahH1qa6urlo4_250.gif <<<-------- ,wahhh ,seeing this gifs, tears automatically falling down .. arrgghh, i cant .. this is so sad ..she is so sweet towards her fans .. #teamjessi .. love you baby! .. #staystrongJessicaJung ..
  2. War Of Hormone ..shittttt , so damn good ..
  3. .. cries again because of jessica voice ..it just so beautiful .i miss her on stage .
  4. ----> this is DOPE , simply AMAZING.. seriously all chyper pt1, 2, 3 .. i never like a hip hop group too much , but bangtan always always prove me wrong .. now i go crazy over their rap .. Sorry , NO other hip hop group can ever came close to bangtan level .. bangtan always killed them ! ..
  5. just why, why am i so late wacthing this, uuurrrghh, war of hormone, so cute, yet smooth, let me know seriously succeed made me cry , V' vocal, jhope rap, suga rap, rap mon part, jimin, jongkook n jin, u guys did great, please sing let me know live more often, and danger, no words for this, too awesome .. bangtan fighting .

  6. there's no words for this ..too amazing ..

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