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  1. You have a really nice profile. :)

    1. Larme


      Thank you :) A kind user made it for me, I love it too~!

  2. Salamat sa pag add :>

    1. euronois


      no problem!! ^^


  3. thanks for adding :-bd

  4. thanks for adding :-bd

    1. eun


      nice too meet you @ kwonnara

  5. How are you babysnatcher??

    1. Ron Swanson

      Ron Swanson

      i'm good! how have u been?

  6. Do you have a team alreadyyyyy

    1. kissxkiss_baby


      NOOOOOOO! Can I be on yours? /le sobs

    2. Kazuma Kiryu
  7. Is that you on your dp?

    1. naonc
    2. Kazuma Kiryu
    3. naonc


      oh thank you :) sorry late reply.

  8. Yeobo <3

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    2. ♥ɱαყσι♥


      nahh ^^ its ok. Only one day and i will have vacations :3

    3. Kazuma Kiryu

      Kazuma Kiryu

      Good. :> Cute dp! Hyunah!



    4. ♥ɱαყσι♥


      yeah! i love it... she is so adorable♥

  9. Kaya pala mukha kang filipino haha

    1. stanningyou


      Hahaha! Yey pinoy! Maraming salamat sa add!

    2. Kazuma Kiryu

      Kazuma Kiryu

      Walang anuman :P

  10. Thanks for adding :>

  11. I didn't know you are german. cool

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    2. ♥ɱαყσι♥



      you havent been in the winner thraed for a while :'(

    3. ♥ɱαყσι♥
    4. Kazuma Kiryu

      Kazuma Kiryu

      Yeah. But we can talk anyway in message just message me if you miss me :P

  12. Sup SOHLMATE lol

    1. Aya Sama

      Aya Sama

      Oh crap! I forgot about the results being announced yesterday ._.

      Helloo SOHLMATE! :D

    2. Kazuma Kiryu

      Kazuma Kiryu

      Haha. I thought you're gonna ignore my post.

    3. Aya Sama

      Aya Sama

      No, I usually get wall comments or notifications about them which is why im always late ._.

  13. taga taguig. lol

    1. I Am Youngjae

      I Am Youngjae

      taga ilocos sur naman ako :P

  14. Thanks for the add dongsaeng

    1. Kirschteins


      \n_n/ you're welcome~

  15. Hey. Visiting my profile without saying hi. LOL :D

    1. Mich_


      lol cuz i'm just that socially awkward

    2. Kazuma Kiryu

      Kazuma Kiryu

      lol. No you're not. :P

  16. WIFEU!!!

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    2. Kazuma Kiryu

      Kazuma Kiryu

      You're not talking to me anymore.

    3. ☆Lili


      im too busy lately smh ;A; but i have some free time now~~~~

    4. Kazuma Kiryu
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