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  1. kwon nara & hayoung = perfect taste

  2. Hey, Thank u, u r so kind :)

  3. i like your YouTube video ♥ *O*

  4. Yo! Thanks for the add, you Filipino? ;D

  5. Yo! Thanks for the add, you Filipino? ;D

  6. You and I should have been friend since a long time ago. You love Jung Sisters, Nara, Sunmi and Nicole and so do I.

  7. I didn't know you are german. cool

    1. Kazuma Kiryu

      Kazuma Kiryu

      Yeah. But we can talk anyway in message just message me if you miss me :P

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  8. TAGA SAAN KA?????

    1. Kazuma Kiryu

      Kazuma Kiryu

      Anong taga saan? Philippines. Taguig.

  9. Hey. Visiting my profile without saying hi. LOL :D

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