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Well in short i f-ing love T-ara. They just are awesome. Finally they are starting to get some good news and are picking up some momentum! Even though they've gained much popularity in China they are coming back to Korea for vengeance on the Knetz that have plagued them for years now. Now they were all proved wrong and all look like total idiots. Things are changing for the better for them now and i couldn't be more happy for them! Honestly i cannot even express with words how much i love them. No other group can top the wonderful T-ARA in my heart!!! Slay Queens Slay! 


Me to every dumb netizen that claimed they were "bullies": 287e9c03142644331422775855_700wa_0.gif


Stellar: Oh goodness where to start. The second JunYool says the first word in a rap I cry a little from the awesomeness. Every time HyoEun hits a high note my ears are in bliss. Whenever I just see MinHee's face i'm automatically mesmerised by her beauty. And with one of the best leaders in the biz GaYoung completes the group. I absolutely LOVE Stellar! Please notice and Stan!  


But even all of my idols put together cannot even compare to how much i like actress Park Bo Young. I believe that she is an amazing actress with so much potential that is yet to be unlocked. I have watched every movie that she is in at least twice and even a 1 episode of a drama that she was in. I love Park Bo Young and nothing that anyone says can change that. If anyone ever insults her or put her down in anyway i will destroy them and anyone who agreed with them. I will always love Park Bo Young and support her and her acting and any of her choices that she makes. And she is also my profile picture and i do not intend to ever change it. Now here is an essay that i once wrote about her for a school project. Enjoy!


Some People ask “Hey Jack! Why are into K-pop?†and I always reply “Because Park Bo Young is the greatest actress ever.†When I just a young lad a year ago I had yet to discover Park Bo Young and her talents but when I watched the music video for B2ST – Fiction I saw her and I had to look her up. When I did, I was not disappointed when I found out that she was an actress. I watched other music videos that she was in and I was only impressed with how well she acted but I was still not satisfied so I looked up any movies she was in. One was named A Werewolf Boy and when I saw it was on Netflix I flew to my bed room where I watched it and it was easily the best movie I had ever watched. I was so happy that I could watch Park Bo Young act in a movie, I watched it again a week later. I then searched for more of her movies and I found the movie that got her famous – Speedy Scandals. This one was just as great as the first but in this one she is a single mom who loves singing so she sings multiple times throughout the movie and they all sounded very good. Now that brought up the question “Can Park Bo Young actually sing?â€. I looked up any songs from her and found a song that she features in: Speed – it’s Over. From this I found out that not only is she a great actress but she can sing too! Then I started watching variety shows that she appeared in like Running Man. Then I found out that she is also a fun person with a bright personality. With all of this put together I made the conclusion that I like Park Bo Young the most out of any other idol ever.



!!Now it is time for a Park Bo Young picture spam!! Yay!!

















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