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    videogames, being dumb, movies, music, internet.

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About Me

hi i'm a person on the internet. enjoy me around the internet at these locations.


@onimonkii is my twitter name. my twitter is a lot of bad jokes and complaining.


this here is my tumblr it's a lot of hot nonsense


i also run this really stupid tumblr feel free to submit to it. please submit to it i'm so lazy


i ALSO help run this tumblr like what am i even doing with my life


this is my steam profile i play a lot of videogames so i'm always on steam



as far as other forums i hang out on i'm a member of giantbomb, somethingawful, and neogaf (but i never post there). i also use reddit, but only for kpop stuff really, i moderate the nine muses, t-ara, and crayon pop subreddits there.


that's basically it.

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