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  1. wowowowo gorgeous !!!




    OMG so pretty!!!!â¤â¤





    what a goddess








    Thank you guys!!  :ahmagah:




    i love your pretty face, is that weird to say?


    Lol a compliment's a compliment. I'll take it

  2. Does anyone have translucent powder recommendations as to not make me look oily throughout the day? Preferably drugstore or Walmart brands pls


    The loose powder from NYX and the fit me powder from Maybelline are both pretty decent (I use the loose translucent powder from Laura Mercier & it's the bomb but it's pretty damn pricey)





    you're so pretty aaaaaaa  :ahmagah:





    Thank you!!!


    /whispers you should post yours too


    Your face is gorgeous, wow wow, very impressed  :la:


    Thank you! The black and white filter helps a little.  :hurr:

  4. Decided to have a listen to the album and my first impressions are:

    *The LP on average is nice to listen to, but 2PM need to have songs that survive the passing of time.

    *JUMP should've been a title track in Japan and kick some EDM butt.

    *Do not ever again put spoken parts in the song. It's very embarrassing for me.

    *I liked Our House so far, but the TOP reference in Taecyeon's contacts.... I have the feeling that the music video will not be of my taste :x

    *I still dearly appreciate 2PM even if their recent Korean albums on average have been fickle for me overall!


    You should still give the music video a chance! It was really nice to look at. Probably 2pm's best mv other than adtoy (because I like to see 2pm getting it on) :ilove:



    And I don't know why people are calling you a hater and shit. Being a fan doesn't mean that you have to become blind to the things you don't like. Still, please watch the MV!

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  5. huge critic of 2pm post jay. thought most of their discography to be shite and i still do ;)


    but this new song.......such a tune!!! jyp produced or..


    Good for you. If you want to shove it in our faces that you hate the current 2pm but yet still want to ask us for something, I'd recommend you do a google search instead of visiting this thread.

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  6. i tried the green lush cleanser (forgot its name lmaooo, it smelled pretty bad too), it didn't do much for me >.<. Didn't stop my acne from coming, but the one thing it did was soothe my sensitive skin! 


    and the seaweed line, especially the mask is GOLD. i love it! 


    Are you talking about Herbalism? My skin loved it. xD It is annoying to use though because it tends to fall apart in your hands.

  7. That group edit is flawless sir.


    Edit: Took me a good second to notice the info in the individual pics tho LOL #flop


    Flopping like always I see :hurr:






    Now go back to studying!!!



    Is this a confession that you're actually a girl?


    He's engaged to Khun. They're getting married before 2PM's enlistment.

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