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I'm Brittany from USA and I'm currently studying at a community college and planning on Transferring to NCSU in fall 2018. I'm a Taurus.


I'm a proud Shawol and a proud international fan.

So I found out about the basic Knowledge of Vocals from http://kpopvocalanalysis.wordpress.com/basic-terms-and-knowledge/basic-knowledge-about-vocals/

Now I know everything about the Main and the Lead vocalists and their vocals in KPOP.


singing using their diphragms

open-throat singing

the head voice using vibrato

the head voice without vibrato

the chest voice

breathing techniques

Nasal singing

strained notes

so Main and lead vocalists are amazing singers

high notes

vocal range

let me show you




Jonghyun-vocal range

Jinki- vocal range

Jonghyun vocals compilation with Vibrato


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