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  1. Source: RADIICHINA

    Brands associated with the pop idol have been announcing their decisions to cut ties

    As more details of pop idol Kris Wu’s alleged predatory sexual behavior have emerged in recent days, the Chinese internet is furious, and an increasing number of brands are announcing their decisions to cut ties with the Chinese-Canadian star — including one of the top Chinese video streaming platforms, Tencent Video.

    What are the latest developments?

    It has been 10 days since 19-year-old woman Du Meizhu first accused Kris Wu of predatory sexual behavior, including luring underage girls. Yesterday afternoon, one of China’s major news outlets — NetEase — published an exclusive interview with Du.

    In the interview, Du released more details about her nonconsensual encounter with the idol. She stated that Kris Wu and his friends plied her with alcohol when she was a 17-year-old and that she “woke up the next day next to Wu” after passing out drunk. Du also recounted the tactics the pop idol used to target and lure girls.

    The scathing interview may have been responsible for pushing brands to sever their ties with Kris Wu.

    The disturbing behavior outlined by Du during the interview, however, is just the tip of the iceberg: Du disclosed that seven other girls have shared with her with similar cases.

    On Monday, two other women shared screenshots of their online exchanges with Kris Wu, including Zhang Dansan, a former member of the girl band SNH48. The screenshot shared by Zhang shows messages from Wu, in which he asks her if she is still a virgin.

    n the days leading up to the interview’s release, Du posted screenshots and videos of bank transaction records that showed Wu’s agency was trying to eliminate the crisis by transferring funds to multiple accounts in Du’s name, as well as a draft settlement agreement.

    At around 8 AM this morning, Kris Wu broke his silence on Chinese microblogging platform Weibo and denied the allegations, writing: “I didn’t respond before because I didn’t want to interfere with the progress of the judicial process, but I didn’t expect my silence to condone the rumor spreader and become even worse. I cannot stand it anymore.”

    “If I did all these things, no one has to worry — I will go to prison myself. I take legal responsibility for my words above,” Wu added.

    kris wu du meizhu weibo

    Screenshot of Kris Wu’s response on Weibo

    Du first caught the public eye in early June, when one of her friends accused Wu of cheating on her. The public accusation was made after video footage was leaked of Wu and a 19-year-old girl, Chen Ziyi, watching a movie together.

    How has the Chinese internet reacted?

    The rapid developments of this case have become a countrywide talking point and have infuriated some netizens.

    Hashtags such as #NetEase interviewed Du Meizhu# and #Du MeiZhu [asks Kris Wu] to come out like a man# have dominated the trending topics list on Weibo, with users showing support for Du.

    The hashtag #Du MeiZhu [asks Kris Wu] to come out like a man#, which refers to Du’s remarks following the interview, has garnered over 1.3 billion views on Weibo.

    “Such an unyielding woman!!” read the most upvoted comment under one of Du’s posts, which 936,000 netizens had liked as of 4 PM on July 19.

    “This is so infuriating! [This behavior] must be severely punished,” wrote another user under a related post.

    Meanwhile, Kris Wu’s response has met with backlash.

    “Fuck off,” read the top comment under Wu’s latest post.

    “Get out of China,” wrote another user, presumably referencing Wu’s Canadian citizenship.

    The heated online discussions are going on amid a flurry of corporate partners scrapping their collaborations with Wu. To date, brands including skincare line Kans, washing products company Liby, Tencent Video and Mr. Kon Ice Tea have announced that they are parting ways with Wu.

    Other brands, such as Lancôme, hid posts mentioning Wu on Weibo.

    In what could be considered a sign of how authorities view the scandal, China’s main State-backed television channel CCTV deleted a post from May promoting Wu’s new song.

    What’s next?

    As online chatter focuses on Wu’s alleged predatory behavior, Chinese media outlets across the nation have begun to focus on the case and the potential legal consequences. More brands are also expected to reassess their cooperation with Wu and potentially scrap existing partnership agreements.

    However, it remains to be seen what legal repercussions Wu may face. Regardless, the accusations and the attention they have garnered are a massive blow to Kris Wu’s career in China.

  2. 5 minutes ago, is it just me said:

    This is a mess but it's a bit  suspicious that she didn't release proof like she said she would

    Proof of what exactly? While proving rape on itself is hard, Kris Wu left a big paper trail behind him that gives account of his behavior and MO.

    Is Kris Wu didn't want rape accusations to stick, maybe he shouldn't have been a fuckboy who dates young girls despite being a grown ass man, and infamous for doing so.

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  3. 27 minutes ago, Thigh-high feminist said:

    If this stuff is true, he really turned out to be a creep.


    Is he still popular? I haven't really heard anything about him (aside from this), Luhann, and Tao anymore. Maybe their EXO fans left the forum.


    He's really popular in China, arguably one of the biggest stars at the moment. For reference, he ranked 8th on Forbes 2020's list of 100 top celebs.

    21 minutes ago, echobunny said:

    another trashy guy if true

    why is it so hard for men to date women their age?

    From the screenshots and testimonies, these girls were treated no better than livestock. Contacted through his agency, promised work, talked sweetly to, and discarded one KW had his way and got bored.

    He's in his 30s and a megastar, these girls are fresh out of highschool. Inexperienced girls are easier to control and have less means to defend themselves if they're mistreated like all these girls were. Kris Wu is already taking legal action against the girl who compiled all of this evidence. Bless her.


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    Du Meizhu made another post exposing Wu Yifan, here are the major points:

    1. Wu Yifan used the same methods (selecting MV female leads, signing new girls to his studio) to call girls out to play drinking games with him. He would get them to drink and then say all sorts of sweet words: I will take responsibility for you, I want to be with you...

    2. He brought pictures of a bunch of girls to where he would be drinking and chose among them like they're products

    3. His requirements for girls is for them to be born after 2000 and to be underaged highschoolers who are still taking gaokao [that's college entrance exams btw]



    (Kris Wu's studio contacting girls, in the right pic his studio is asking whether the girl is writing her gaokao/graduating from high school this year)




    (The girl is saying that Kris is good at fooling girls and telling them that they will be together)




    (Before Kris goes out to drink, he and his group will choose among pictures of girls for the one that they want to invite that day, as if they are choosing concubines)




    (The Wechat and Weibo accounts that Kris used for dating/choosing girls have been deactivated)




    (Kris asking the girl when she finishes class. He says "gege will go pick you up at 8pm, I miss you so much")




    (The girl says that Kris kept on drinking with her and she ended up doing it with him at a hotel. She thought that she would be in a relationship with him, but he stopped contacting her. Recently she saw that a lot of girls like her were fooled and then thrown aside, so she is speaking out. She says that girls shouldn't be toys for other people, even if the other person is a famous celebrity.)




    (Kris asking whether another girl can stay with him, because he "can't fall asleep without her")




    (Kris's studio asking a girl if she can bring her friend. The girl wonders how the studio knows so many girls.)


    [2789 shares] [2112 comments] [60000 likes]


    Photos are taken from Du Meizhu's original post


    1. [+10000] What's up with the comments... I think people like him are so scary. To not pay attention to this because [the girl] is not popular... If we dig deeper what kind of horrible industrial chain would we find?

    [+2117] Reply: Fans are even saying that the girl is tricking people, I just want to say that there's no point in her doing that, yet they're still deceiving themselves

    [+1197] Reply: I also think it's scary, my first reaction was that it feels like the Seungri incident from Korea

    2. [+7899] If the girls were really underaged then this issue needs to be taken care of, even if this kind of thing happens with a regular person, not just a celebrity, it needs to be taken seriously

    3. [+6490] 'The last v*rgin male of Canada'

    4. [+2743] Hasn't he committed a crime if they are underage? 

    5. [+3264] It's because little kids in their teens are easy to control, they'll believe all sorts of sweet words

    6. [+3296] What's scary is that Wu Yifan has a bunch of fans who are washing this for him (T/N: Shielding/making excuses), and what's even scarier is that most of them are female


  5. 14 hours ago, Aphrodisiac said:

    So this accuser just felt like ruining someone’s career/life with a lie just because they wanted to/dislike him?!? How shameless can you be?!?

    This is only one out of several abuse allegations (both bullying and SA). Ji Soo, admitted solely the school violence though, so it's not like this one in particular ruined his career as the bullying was the main thing to take him down.

    That being said, shame on the false acusser, as it makes it harder for actual victims to come forward and be believed, and it's evil on itself to falsely accuse someone of things of that magnitude.

    Also, from the top of my mind, I recall he had another sexual abuse allegation aside from this one, and that one hasn't been retracted so far:

    In which he would alledgedly force clasmates to masturbate in front of him

    I wonder what will come out of that, and still, I think the safer thing would be not supporting this dude at all, as he has a long history of self-admitted abuse anyway.


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  6. To an extent, yes.

    When I first saw Suju's Bonamana MV (one of my first k-pop videos), I remember thinking "all these guys look the same how am I gonna differientiate them". That was racist, sure, but I think it came from an honest place of ignorance rather than bigotry, as I rarely had seen an Asian person (both irl and in media) until then.

    Now I know better though, and can't help but laugh at myself and wonder how the fuck did I think the Suju guys looked similar.

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  7. As part of my grieving process, I've been replaying Taemin's discography on Spotify. In fact, I didn't realize how sad I was until I started making this post lol.

    Taemin always delivers, and I''ve gotten accustomed to his releases since he delievered us a flawless concept and sound with Danger in 2014 and never looked back.

    But you know which artist whose potential solo album I've been anticipating for the better part of a decade?

    This guy:


    I think Obsession (the album) was incomplete without this guy. I just find it logical that SM makes up for it with back to back solo albums idk.

    Now being serious, please SM, give us the Kyungsoo R&B oriented, panty dropping album we've been waiting for. Otherwise I threathen to check out of k-pop once EXO drops their next album and you'll miss a faithful whiner.


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  8. 1 hour ago, Thigh-high feminist said:

    I mostly lurk but I do post a little. I was more active here before the majority of shawols moved to discord after the tragedy.

    By "the tragedy" you mean the server migration or some shit, right? Because I've noticed less people are active now in comparison to before because OH malfunctioned for months. Or is it only me?

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