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  1. People at Wikipedia are not having it. A former edit on this dude's wiki article had in the see also section articles like: "Passing" and "Internalized homophobia". And now he's under a category that says Anti-LGBT politicians who were outed.

    And I'm not having any of it either. If you hate who you are, don't make life hell for others who accept themselves and want to live openly. There's already enough bs coming from non-LGBT people smh.

  2. Read the original article here

    The simulation for 2020 continues to be undefeated as former EXO member Tao confessed that he was like a biggest simp on a livestream for a foreign celebrity, saying that he wanted to marry her. Understandably, many ended up thinking it was IU.


    Let me tell you, there’s a girl I really love. I really love her. If she’s willing, if she’s okay with it, I can reveal it to the world right away tomorrow. I can marry her tomorrow. I really love her. I can watch her videos all day. But I don’t like her as a fan – I really think she can be my girlfriend. But I can’t see her. We’re not in the same country. I even DM-ed her, but she didn’t reply. So embarrassing! Actually but I don’t read my DMs too, I wouldn’t go into the DMs but I was trying to – nevermind, I can’t say too much or you guys will go look into it. She’s from overseas… but it can’t be helped.

    The reason people assumed he was talking about IU is because he only follows three people on Instagram: two from his company and … IU.



    IU should go on Twitch, Tao would be the dudes donating like $500,000 just to get his name read by her over and over.




    “Scammed me!”


  3. 10 hours ago, Angel_Nessa said:

    Not everything rotates around BTS, but in this case it seems like a response to this scandal. It's not like China cares about a KPOP group's opinion, but they care for their popularity overseas, so using Chinese idols who also have an International popularity because they debuted in Korea is the best response to this scandal.

    This is far from the first time Chinese celebs that have been involved in k-pop publicly releasing statements supporting CCP's policies, from the One China claims, to Hong Kong protests.

    This kind of behavior was commonplace way before BTS got international recognition, so it has little to do with them. Chinese k-pop celebrities have consistently done so for the longest.

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  4. 10 minutes ago, Drama Drama Drama said:

    Maybe c celebs should be post these patriotics things to gain favors in CCP as social aceptation, protection. But I agree it sounds as c response to BTS issue.

    Not everything rotates around BTS. It's about celebrities that owe their careers to k-pop and Korean enternainment openly and consistently supporting China's human rights and soveregnity abuses.

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  5. 2020102501331_0_20201025222523648.jpg

    Article: "They're making their money in Korea but distorting history, Victoria and Lay need to quit promos" Korean petition

    Source: Chosun via Naver

    1. [+1,822 -8] Our taxes are being wasted on filling the bellies of these Chinese! Entertainment agencies need to reflect.

    2. [+951, -6] They promote in Korea to earn fame and rise to stardom and build up wealth only to turn around and support China's participation in the 625 war. I cannot forgive that. They're looking down on the Koreans. Their agency needs to terminate their contracts and demand compensation for their losses. 

    3. [+625, -5] If Korean singers had written about the Chinese invasion of the South in the 625 war on their SNS, Chinese netizens would've swarmed on them like bees. It's because our own president is so submissive to China that even their celebrities think of our country as a joke.

    4. [+587, -11] Ban them from entering the country, and make sure they can never work in K-Pop again. These entertainment agencies are also to blame for training people who have no clue about the history of the world or about war crimes.

    5. [+411, -1] If we had lost the 625 war... just thinking about it is terrifying. China is the enemy.

    6. [+42, -0] Stop allowing Chinese kids to join our idol groups

    7. [+36, -1] These guys are mainly making their money in China right now anyway so it's not like they're even working in Korea anymore. They only came here to gain fame and left for China to make the rest of their money. Their backstabbing is the problem here.

    8. [+29, -0] I'm worried that our youth will remember the wrong side of history because of idols like them. If China and North Korea had won the war, we would've been a poor nation without any freedom.


    Article: Korean petition asks "Please halt Victoria and Lay's activities"

    Source: Joongang Ilbo via Naver

    1. [+1,594, -11] Pro-Chinese are getting worse for me than the pro-Japanese

    2. [+582, -2] Can these Chinese stars go work in North Korea instead then? It's because of your ancestors that our country is separated, what help are you talking about? How many thousands of American soldiers did you guys kill? How many thousands of Korean citizens did you kill? Do you think Korea is your property like you claim Tibet?

    3. [+386, -6] We need to stop debuting Chinese kids

    4. [+104, -2] China has always been the enemy

    5. [+41, -0] So please stop training these Chinese kids who only end up backstabbing you in the end~ ban them from promos and boycott them

    6. [+37, -0] Enough with adding Chinese kids in Korean idol groups

    7. [+26, -0] Lay and Victoria, go back to China. Saying "no comment" was the least you could do out of respect.

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