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  1. The song is soo beautiful and the message is heartfelt as usual. I love my girls soo much ♥️ as much as they likes to thank us, Pandas have alot more reason to be thankful to them. These 10 years of being a fan, their music and presence have been such a positive addition to my life and im forever blessed to have found them when i did, Apink is such a close memory in my heart and the moments ive experienced with them are something that im always going to treasure.


    Happy 10th Anniversary to the legends 💕

  2. This is actually getting messier and really concerning, April members including Hyunjoo are still pretty young and honestly i just see this hurting both side regardless of who is really guilty, they all have a long future ahead of them. I fear that theres some truth in the members words honestly, a large part of me feel like both side carry fault and their company negligence to handle it caused it to worsen.

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  3. I dont understand how people does not see through the user tricks, (apologizing the one who actually hit her and not chorong) she even only released a short excerpt of their conversation when this involves the entire duration between February. What i see and read so far through the proof and testimonies is that this is an uncomfortable case of gaslighting toward Chorong.

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  4. 3 hours ago, echobunny said:

    so chorong lied about never hitting her, she assaulted someone doesn't matter if she did it every day

    firstly, the audio could be distorted. in PlayM new update on the matter, they said she DOES NOT admit to any physical violence, here ;

    They used to be friends and it was true that they did have conflict in the past so she apologized for that but did not admit to the violence.

    PlayM also disclosed ownership of the FULL audio of their conversation so i dont know why you carelessly saying she lied.

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