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Sakura back is healing

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  1. Wonyoung : *breaks Sakura legs* OT12 stan : Shes FLOORTEEENNN

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    2. Sakura back is healing

      Sakura back is healing

      Tayenne ❤️ I miss you LOTS too 😭

      Im around but also not really?Just like this forum oop 👁️👄👁️

      How are you doing? 


    3. Tayenne


      Lmaoo ye I am not that much around aswell, altho since they try to revive forum games I plan to be more active.
      Corona fucked up uni a bit for me, but else I am good. How about you?

    4. Sakura back is healing

      Sakura back is healing

      Ah, i figures everyone is having a tough time from CoVid 😓 But happy to know you are doing good! 

      Im jobless 👁️👄👁️ but its not as bad as it sounds. I dont hate it lol

  2. Seungwoo,Byungchan lets get this bread.

  3. txt <3333 soobean <33333333

  4. pls dont pull a victon on me and comeback TTTTTTTTTT

  5. Every night in my dream,i see you,i feel you.That is how i know you GOWON.

  6. Miyawaki Sakura is a legend.

  7. I feel love, Oh love Nae mameun parahge muldeureoga Alright, Alright, Baby it's alright Feel love, Oh love Yeoreum haessalmankeumina tteugeopge neukkyeo Alright, Baby it's alright !!!!

  8. Happy Birthday Park Chorong ♡ ♡

  9. Hi i live in victon dimple too

    1. Chi♥


      hoe why you act like we're not friends .. smh

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