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    I may be the King of idiots but my kingdom is vast and my subjects are everywhere

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About Me


The Little Mermaid wished for feet but the pain was too great


Stumbling towards rejection, carrying death as fate


Sleeping Beauty laid down a maiden and woke up a mother


The Prince slipped in and made her his lover


Blue Beard, Blue Beard, where are your wives?


I hear the jangle of hooks, you gutted them with knives


Little Red, you never did listen, eating your grandmother's remains


Could you not see the way that the food glistened?


Cinderella Sisters with stumps for feet and holes for eyes


Fairytales of Truth or Fairytales of Lies




Stepmother of White a burning danseuse


Her beauty faded as her skin pulled loose


Mulân's triumph turned to tears


All her loved ones dead, her worst fear


Rapunzel, Rapunzel I can't see your hair, fore I have no eyes and now I despair


Maid to the Goose Girl unable to breathe with spikes up above and spikes beneath


Hansel and Gretel, not lost but abandoned


And Rumpelstiltskin who ripped himself apart was too demanding


Fairytales of Truth or Fairytales of Lies


When fairies tell tales, everyone suffers


Or everyone dies



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