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  1. Thank you for the review Seesu. I knew you wouldn't like everyday that much haha but what's great about this album is that there's a song for everyone so in the end, you can find your fave among the b-sides and that's what's so beautiful about a full album. I'm so glad Winner gave us 12 songs with so many genres. It really highlights their growth as artists and how they can show different sides of themselves. With both the Mellow and Hyped/Upbeat Winner I can tell their concerts are going to be sooooooooooo lit. I really can't wait for that world tour la.gif


    Exactly! There is really a song for everybody and every mood in this perfection of an album. Ive been listening to it non stop since the release.

    For Everyday Im sure the lives will make me like the song, after all WINNER's strength are their lives.


    Yep I hope they do the live tour, its been long time coming!


    Congrats on the CAK WINNEO. I cant help but giggle at the irony that its a hephap song that got them their first legit CAK (still hating you Mnet), so much for ballad group T^T

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  2. Helloooo, Seesu desuuuu


    First of all, congratulations WINNER for this beautiful comeback! Everytime I listen to a new WINNER song Im surprised by how they keep improving while keeping their originality.

    This album really shows their growth. Its diversified and you can find a song for any preference or mood. And omg the TRANSITIONS.

    They are soooooo smooth!!! I was pleasantly surprised!


    So my preference ranking for now:


    1 - Air: My favorite by far! Its eevrything I love about WINNER. Every member is highlighted, it lifts my mood, I can see myself listening to it for months non-stop. I understand why they didnt go for it as title track or even second title, but I hope we get an MV.

    2 - Hello: tururu its fun, chill, kinda like Dont Flirt. I cant wait for the lives. I think it will be fun

    3 - For: JINU JINU JINU omg this song was made for him!!! He improved so much. Of course, WINNER's trademark is to pass emotions and they do it beautifully here.

    4 - Turn off the light : Sex song. What can I say, its Mino at his best. This is definitly his sound, if (when) he makes an album he should go on this sound and feel.

    5 - Movie Star: no words needed. Perfection.

    6-  We were: In love! Its again the WINNER sound I fell in love. It highlights every member as well.

    7 - Special tonight: JINU JINU

    8 - Raining: Such a chill song. Im in love with everything, the vocals, the progression, the rythm. Good job Hoony!

    9 - Luxury: The kind of WINNER hephap I like. Not too much with their own sound mixed in it.

    10 - Have a good day: The perfect way to end the album

    11 - LALA: Reminds me of Just a boy by how fun it is, but I just cant get all hyped about it because of the memories T^T I imagine everybody dancing at this song while I cry emotionally hahaha

    12 - Everyday: Now I know Ill really really never like trap. Even WINNER couldnt make me fall for trap XD  But Im glad they finally released a hephap song like that they got it our of their system and I hope we can keep this kind of sound for solos or B-sides. But its still a very fun song to listen to and I understand people who loved it, Im just into that kinda sound, even from WINNER haha



    Again, this ranking can change any second. I love this album so much and I already have long time favorites.


    Bravo WINNER! Lets Go Up!

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  3. You guys handled the issue perfectly.

    I wanted to comment too but when I saw that Incles were being louder and were NOT letting lies pass and not let them act like victims again, I backed off.


    Finally, Incles are not shutting up and inmedialty shutting down all their lies and manipulation.

    If you have a feeling that Incles are being seen badly bc of this then congrats you are being brainwashed.


    Imagine being in a world where YOU make up huge lies, YOU spread it as the truth, and when you get called out, they are the bad guys for calling you out. Doesnt make sense right? Well thats how that fandom was able to do GRST in the first place. But now NO MORE.


    The fact is that 90% of Incles wouldnt even care about them copying the song. But when you lie and try to make it seem like Yoon didnt compose it, you just crossed THE line. Incles did very well!

    Seesu is proud!


    Keep it going guyyys. WINNER only has Incles.

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  4. Helloo, just passing by to say Ive been kinda listening to Boom Boom all day.

    Ive even identified all the girls in the group (and believe me I never do that). They gave them distinctive parts so its easy to follow them..


    Anyway I hope they hit big with this song!



    Thanks to that plagiarism stuff; or else I wouldnt have given it a try XD


  5. omg you reminded me this im crying laugh.png laugh.png


    I had to pause from too much laughing

    And the caption "its a fence so that you dont fall over" HAHAHAHAHA he's so cute.


    And when Hoon says "thats it Im done" and he wants to leave then the curator lady starts explaining to him LMFAOOOO

    I could watch the museum scene 100 times and Id still laugh, they are so relatable omg



    What is everyone's favorite scene in YOF?


    For me its, in no particular order:

    - WINNER at the museum

    - WINNER trying volleyball and the iconic "PLEASE GIME ONE POINTO"

    - WINNER "fight"

    - The fake ad

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  6. Olaaa


    Im sad tomorrow is the last episode of YOF (and I couldnt even livestream one episode), but it has been such a blessing!

    I laugh the whole time.


    The boys are so authentic, you cant help not loving them. I mean who didnt crack up at Hoon and Jinwoo trying to sneak out from the museum while MinYoon pretended they were following everything.

    I still laugh at Jinwoo pointing out  "what is this?" at the fence hahahahahhaha


    Anyway, thank you for whoever was responsible for YOF and for the sweet people who translated it!

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  7. Welcome back Seesu!! I agree with you tbh. I'm extremely uneasy about this and I predict it will only get worse once YOF starts airing. Winner has been getting too much positive attention this year, even Mino turned his image around thanks to njttw (he's like everyone's favorite now and really popular with females)...but one thing I noticed on his IG on the recent issue is the amount of egg accounts that popped out just to leave hateful comments. I was really surprised but these K-antis would literally make new accounts and relay each other in infesting his IG with hate. This kind of organized hateful campaign is really reminiscing of what happened last year and if they don't act quickly we might be up for a bigger mess later.


    Also Jinwoo is way too nice. I know he's kind and all but Winner as a whole need to be aware of this fact: the more popularity they get, the more hate they will receive from antis as well cuz they won't sleep until they manage to damage Winner's reputation with the public. There have been attempts but it's clearly organized and I'm really worried about this. Seunghoon is there but the whole groups needs to be more aware and starts reaching out to the company so they will take legal action. That's my take on this.


    Thanks ^^ Im not active at all lately but I try to keep up with stuff (I usually binge read all WINNER news in one take XD).


    And yes its clearly organised, and all the people who've been through the GRST shit know what we mean when we say it feels familiar. Its the same exact feeling

    For Mino, they just jumped on the occasion but it was so obvious, it was shut down faster than it appeared, thats why I said their next victim is either Seunghoon or Jinwoo, and I was right (cough AGAIN cough).


    With YOF coming, I hope Incles will stop this passive behavior of letting everything slide. This time EVERY LITTLE thing should be adressed and make a big deal of it.

    We always lay down low when WINNER are the real victims, and I dont think its the right approach.

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  8. K-ICs have been collecting proofs since the last time but yeah, seems like antis have been coming strong lately.


    EDIT: A similar way of spreading was made during Mino recent fake scandal.


    Yep that thing was also the same way of operating.

    Haters acting like normal people commenting everywhere and then some dumbass journalist picking it up.






    Why can't this antis leave Winner alone?!!!! don't they have more productive thing to do than this? 


    What can they get from doing this though? I will never understand how can they do something as disgusting as this. YOF is coming, their japan tour too, are they going to do the same thing as before?? So desperate.


    Well they cant since their only pleasure in life is hating on WINNER. I mean imagine making a hate group and plan the shit they did. How low in your life are you to organise a hate plan the way they did?

    It wasnt just "lets leave hate on articles", they were sneaking around by inventing problems and spread a negative feeling about WINNER by having agendas and stuff. Its some serious shit.

    And I knew it was getting back since summer, I noticed the same little incidents.


    This time; these rats need to be stopped before doing the damage.


    But it looks like this time Seunghoon sama wont let it pass



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  9. Hellooo
    So I just saw this about malicious content being spread by people against Jinwoo that has the same modus operandi of GRST.
    Not to say I said so, but I fucking said so. And someone got the nerves to say Im overreacting.
    And here we are.
    I even said they would attack Seunghoon or Jinwoo this time.
    So are we going to let them do the same thing twice?
    Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

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  10. Ola Seesu desu




    Okay so this is done, now to more details:


    I started listening to Love Me Love Me and I have to admit at first listen, I found it weird because of the transition and the high pitched LoveMeLoveMe. And I missed Yoonie's voice in it.

    So I was like okay, let me listen to Island




    I especially like the last part where we go from Yoon to Mino to Jinwoo to Hoon. Perfection T^T


    And Island, well what can I say? Its the perfect summer song. I want to just get up and dance and omfg YOONIE YOUR VOICE WILL BE THE END OF ME I SWEAR I NEED YOUR SOLO LIKE NOW. In fact I need all the members solo, they can pull it off.



    All in all, grandiose comeback as usual, and WINNER really delivers they dont play. The MVs are amazing, and finally we have an MV with WINNER running and being happy (instead of the usual running and crying).


    Happy WINNER is happy Incles <3


    Oh and congrats for #1.



    Seesu out!

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    I don't think so. The articles about Winner clothes came from the qoo. I don't know much about it but it's an online community (a bit like instiz) and they discuss things there, not sure if they are more positive or negative in general but kpople has been translating from there too. As you know most of GRST attacks came from nate so I dont think they are involved this time? Plus the comments weren't that bad. You can blame the journalist too for stereotyping and judging them for not conforming to the so called standards. Thank God the reaction were positive overall, some loved some hated the shorts but everyone agrees Yoon slayed the cropped shirt lol


    Btw all Winner articles on Naver have been getting positive responses. There's literally no dragging except from some ifans here and there. The reaction from the qoo weren't that bad either so I think it's ok so far





    Mmm I dont know. It seems like the same pattern, even if its not from Nate. You know, that passive agressive comments, like to appear "objective" or like coming from the "public".

    Its giving me the same feeling. I mean the shorts are way too random to be making posts like that, especially about the staff etc. I already felt something was wrong last year with the random comments, and its the same exact feeling.


    It took GRST 8 months of sneaking around like that to damage WINNER (remember that people, including YG stans, think that EXIT:E flopped), so I say this time k-ICS shouldnt give them the time.


    To be watched. Im betting that the next "controversy" will be on Jinwoo or Hoon. They dont dare to go after Mino or Yoon who have pretty strong fanbases.




  12. y'all dont go reading comments on YT... It's a hot mess! 


    But I LOVE That segment. rlytearpls.png  my WOT5 feels was shooketh to the max 


    uuuughh  why cant these dumbasses just leave him alone.

    Im pretty sure those people didnt like him from the start.


    I mean how can you go from like to hate just because he left the group. So these people only liked the idea of him in WINNER, and not the artist, the person.


    I want them to even leave the Incle fandom tbh. WINNER are too beautiful for people like that.

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    I can't contain my emotions warstarplz.png



    I cant handle all the cuteness. Did you see his little smile ar the beginning. Thats his "help I dunno what to do" smile XD


    Gaah when he was boping to the song, it was so cute. And he also mentionned Seunghoon!


    Its a fact that Winner loved him and he loved the other members, but he just didnt want to continue at YG anymore. He wanted to be the singer, the composer, the ceo the manager the kitchen lady, everythiiing and that wasnt possible in YG.


    Gaaaah sorry Im too emotionnal. I even watched Games of Thrones to cool down the feels but THIS FIRE CANT BE PUT DOWN

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  14. Im so excited for Love Me Love Me, I already know Ill really really love it love it (cheesy cheesy I know)


    And since InnerCircle are nostalgic by nature, here is Saranghajimaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa




    Sorry, I want to share my feels XD


    For the newer Incles, this used to our anthem T^T Now of course our anthem is WILLAY WILLAAAAY

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