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Си�у Пак

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Status Updates posted by Си�у Пак

  1. #ThankYouForBeingWINNER #ThankYouForBeingFive

  2. Hey you want me to add Yoon's quote?? I saw you did for all of the others XD I can add it in one my posts!

    1. PinkToki


      Yes please!!!!


    2. Си�у Пак
  3. Waiting for WINNER's debut T.T

  4. lololol Elaine got someone maaad kekekeke

    1. Rhyme
    2. eescorpius


      LMAO except I don't even know what hahaha...

  5. Happy anniversary my BigBang!!

  6. Viva les French VIPs et BlackJacks ^^

    1. 21Pearls


      Fantastic frenchies FTW !!!

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