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  1. my road ends here, and im never gonna build a new one ever again

  2. is Kayo working for you?

    1. justica


      nope its been down for a while

    2. mirrorpurple ���ムラサキ

      mirrorpurple ���ムラサキ

      UGH I NEED IT... Sigh... And my other forum is as dead as heck

  3. should have added you like ages ago lol

    1. Byakugan


      lolll, I dont even know how to add friend lol

    2. mirrorpurple ���ムラサキ

      mirrorpurple ���ムラサキ

      LOLwut... go to someone's profile and the add me as friend button is on top...

  4. hey long time no see, what have you been doing all this time?

    1. justica


      hey whats up... i recognise that name bahahha... i've just been chilling you know on this forum and the other.. haha how about yourself?

    2. mirrorpurple ���ムラサキ
  5. why did you lurk at my profile while i sleep?! jkjk, go keep on lurkin... :hurr:

  6. hmm.... my sig seems weird @ Yoko's pic, gotta recrop again... sigh... its tiring sometimes...

  7. wowowow 8 upvotes in 6 hours? thats crazy stalking there

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