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    jonghyun: wa~, it’s my first time talking about my first love on air. (pause) when i think of my first love i have a few people that i can think of. i don’t know who exactly was my first love (though). there was a girl that i really liked when i was in my first year (of elementary school). we weren’t in the same class. i really, really liked her (though) so i remembered what her school backpack looked like. so, whenever i would see her backpack on my way to school i would run in front of her and i’d act like my friend was behind her to turn back and say: “hey, hurry up~†in order to see her face. i would repeat this and run in front of her again to see her face… again and turn back to call that “friend†who wasn’t… even there. maybe this is what you would call a first love? maybe not. (sourcethatcoolcatmeow)




    s-so cuuuuuuuuute

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