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  1. but DR has to have the last word with everything, they'd totally clash against boy group stans. boy group stans go hard for their faves, they'd destroy the company if it treated their hypothetical faves like RaNia


    edit: also the company is so controlling, the info that bpstartafire spilled is further proof that given the chance, DR will always choose to cut off their nose to spite their face. they couldn't handle a boy group, let alone a popular boy group but I'd love to see them try

  2. This news isn't surprising but it affected me a lot more than I expected. I'm so sad for Alex, but at least she no longer has to deal with that vile company. The statement made it seem like the other girls wanted her to go too, which is disappointing.


    After almost 2 years, I'm leaving the fandom. I can't support a company or group that treats a member like they treated Alex. Also, from what we've heard about what has been happening behind the scenes, there is no hope for DRM. I will continue to watch the thread for the next few days to read thoughts posted in here, but I'm done with the group. I will continue to support Alex and wish the absolute best for her.

    ^^this, I defend Alex a LOT but truthfully I stayed around because of the momentum that her addition, and the addition of this line-up brought. I truly thought that this Rania (along with Yina) would be the one to get back to the glory days. I want to support the remaining members but I can't bring myself to stick around for a company as unprofessional, unorganized, messy and just plain evil as DR. Like, this was legit abuse and discrimination. Not just for Alex but for the other members. I can't put my money, my time, or my effort behind that. I know that a lot of people will see that as abandoning the group, and it in some cases it is, but sticking around is enabling DR, it's ensuring that DR will do this again, imo.  

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  3. I will not stop this boycott until dr gets a new manager for Bp Rania cause this ain't cutting it. 




    I just wanna say, in my opinion this is the right way to think. Boycott aside, it is extremely troubling that BP Rania's manager would behave this way. I mean, the tokenism when it comes to Alex is one thing but enlisting someone who's basically on record as hating the group to help make decisions about the group is beyond comprehension. From what I'm understanding from receipts about their behavior, Candy is power-hungry and destructive. She's not above online harassment, not above blackmail, not above doxxing to get her way. This has been documented by many different fanbases, heck I've even seen her basically threaten to harass Hyeme because a Hyeme stan was screencapping her tweets (something to that effect). And it's not like this is behavior that's new to DR, she's done this kind of stuff before with Rania. The fact that this manager would entrust someone like that with inside info just speaks to his (I'm sorry to say) incompetence. I mean I understand keeping a saesang fan on a leash but, from what I understand, Candy doesn't even live in Korea. She has to ask for most of her insider info. BP Rania's manager is putting BP Rania in danger, truly. It seems like an exaggeration but, Candy doesn't seem to have a problem with spreading people's private info to get attention. There's no saying what she'd do to control the group.



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  4. She could refuse to perform. What are they gonna do, fire her? And honestly I feel like the girls would support her in this. They don't seem very comfortable with the situation she's been put in either.


    She could do the entire dance full on in the corner so it's obvious to everyone she knows it and has just been excluded.


    She could get her American management to file a lawsuit and burn DR to the ground herself.


    I like this idea a lot, tbh. It would be like the ridiculous cherry on top of the ridiculous cake 




    IMO, the girls' choices are consistent with their career goals and Starship isn't going to be affected too much by the disbandment except in terms of brand power.

    Starship could make up the difference now that Sistar is over but Starship obviously wanted all the members to stay. The thing about Sistar is that they were easy money and far-reaching ambassadors for the company. Starship barely had to put promos into the things that members do and they rank right up there with every other company's top earners. Sistar as a group and individually are huge bargaining chips for the company. Like K.Will said, they were Starship's pillars, the reason why Starship could get bigger companies to invest. Hyolyn's last couple of solos didn't do as well as the first but last year she was still in the top 10 most recognizable solo artists of Korea. And Bora still gets brand deals, she did Uniqlo and CLIO just this year. That's the kind of easy money that Sistar brought to the company just because of where they were at in their career. I think that Starship could bounce back but looking at it objectively, they just lost two of their four pillars. 

  6. I'm surprisingly numb to the news. I just hope that as individual artists the members do not re-sign with Starship. I mean, maybe the company can change, but Starship still drops the ball of the members' individual activites a LOT. I feel like if they want to challenge themselves, they should find companies that will treat them like top stars all the time.

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    It's all kind of hypocritical to me. Somi won fair and square but because Jinyoung's dream is to rap, she gets the rap part. But Sook's dream was to be in the first minute of the song. And then Yewon and Sook got switched. And Sook's dream was not fulfilled. So it's just all kind of "what?why?". And the line distribution? I'm not even going to get into that bc I could go on for days.



    It just doesn't make sense.


    I think Yewon and Sook switching parts can't be compared to the rap selection. The reason they switched is because Yewon wasn't good for that part. It's not like they switched it willy-nilly, they were forced into doing it. And they choose Sook because she's the only one left who can comfortably sing in that range. For the sake of the song, it was the only option so they had to basically crush Sook's dream. Although I do think that a lot of the choices they made wrt part selection (and even song creation) were for pretty flimsy reasons that are coming to bite them in the butt now.


  8. Also people complaining about people who complain, people can complain as long as it's harmless.


    I just want to say, that you guys complaining about Alex in here is not harmless. BPR's main fandom right now is their western international one. And this forum is one of the major places that people can go to see other BPR fans. Imagine being a casual fan who became intrigued with the group through Alex. They see that she's *still* being mistreated and then sees that the majority of BPR's fans think that it's annoying of her to complain about being mistreated. People here talk about Alex-biased fans all the time. You think that them coming here and seeing people call her annoying and saying that don't want her to come back will get them to chill out? They'd go ballistic if they saw the way some of you guys harp on every thing that Alex does that you don't like. I've already seen some people who have seen this thread and get pissed and take their complaints to youtube comments.


    You guys are always talking about how you have to be BPR's promotion team but you don't think that criticizing Alex for every tweet she deletes won't come back to bite you? The tweets that blow up on Kpop blogs don't blow up because Alex tweets them, they blow up because you fans keep spreading them. That choreography fiasco was because of a BPR fan, it was a fan that thought it'd be funny to troll and say that Alex was kicked out of BPR. You guys want Alex to be more careful and quiet on her Twitter but you guys have just as much pull in how people view this fandom.


    At the very least if you guys aren't going to take your own advice and take your complaints directly to Alex (which, in my opinion would be the smartest move if you really want to nip this in the butt--unless you enjoy having reasons to justify why you don't like Alex--especially since there are some members here who could parlay messages to her directly) then at least keep your complaints in a spoiler.



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  9. One of things that I would suggest is that some people take their own advice and take this directly to Alex. She's got Twitter and all the social medias, she speaks English and would see you if you asked her to stop tweeting about her problems. Because when you see that she does something, you get upset about it and then come here to complain. It's essentially the same thing she does with DR. If enough people tweet her, maybe she'd stop and look for new avenues to get DR's attention. I think it would be better than coming here and talking about how you don't like her/how you want her out of the group because Ttabo's also good at rapping. 

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  10. I wouldn't mind if Sistar disbanded just to get out of Starship. They've truly been coasting from 2014. And I know that's not because of the members. From 2014-2015 Soyou, Dasom, and Hyolyn specifically would talk about how much they thought the songs they were given were generic. And while there are some songs on Touch My Body, I Swear and even Shake It that are great, I couldn't agree more.


    Last year, Hyolyn said Paradise was the first time in a long time that Starship supported her as an artist (it was a flop, but at least it was her flop). Starship basically just embraces how much money they can make off Sistar with as little effort as possible but I know the members want to make unforgettable music and have proper promotions. I Like That was a step in the right direction but even that was tarnished by Starship jerking around K and Cstar1s with the promotions (adding and deleting schedules last minute so that the few Sistar stans who'd actually go places to see/cheer on Sistar would be sent to wrong locations at wrong times). I'd like to see Sistar evolve, they're great but they still could be so much better. But I really, really doubt that they're ever going to evolve (musically) while under Starship.







    Can i just ask you where is the gif in your signature from?? If you have the video, please link it.

    it's from Hyolyn's stint as a MC on 1000 Song Challenge in 2014. I don't where you can find the episode, but here's the show's website which has some teaser videos: http://program.sbs.co.kr/builder/programMainList.do?pgm_id=00000330619

  12. I'm not sure she has the qualifications to consider applying for F-2 right now. At the least she has to have ALREADY been living in Korea for at least a year consistently (as in not leaving every so often for months at a time). She has to have held a valid E-6 visa for that period of time (not sure the 90-day ones count, also she could be working on C-4 which allows for temporary industry-specific work, and C-4 does not qualify for F-2). And then she has to get to have a bare minimum of 80 points.


    The F-2 Point System visa is a struggle for even people who've been in Korea for years to get. It requires a lot of time & dedication & paperwork. It works off factors like Education (more points the farther you went), Korean Language (at least TOPIK 4), Income, and completing specific government-sanctioned Korean culture/language courses.


    Right now she would have around 50 points. Her Korean language proficiency will be the most important for getting more points, as well as volunteer work and attending the classes they suggest.


    --I do DEFINITELY agree with you that once again it seems like DR is not handling things like a responsible company. :( Poor girls~~~

    You're totally right, she wouldn't get it if she applied for it now. But I feel like just the process of applying would be beneficial for her because it would force her to learn Korean/about Korea in a proper setting. And then eventually, if she did get it, it'd alleviate so much stress from the group.

  13. Careful, spreading common sense will trigger the Alex stans into thinking you're going in for a personal attack.  :imstupid: 

    Really, though, these visa issues are going to keep setting the group back since they can't promote sans Alex without a shitstorm of negativity starting up. 

    But I'm going to stay optimistic this time. The girls are finally on the right path, so despite this, I'm hoping things only get better from here. They totally deserve it.


    Sorry for unlurking at a time like this but, you're the one who's not making sense.


    If Alex has an E series visa, basically the only type she could have if she wants to legally perform and get paid for her work, then DR is 100% linked to procurring and renewing it. Because when she applies for the visa DR has to submit to immigration, a letter of recommendation for her, a schedule of the work they plan to have her do, and a payment plan. For work visas, the company is the liason between the government and the applicant. Alex can't renew her visa without her employer.


    What they should have done over the summer is start the process to get Alex an F2 visa, it's three years, she could work or not work, and she could go and come from US whenever. However, that would also require her to be learning the Korean language and culture at an official institution (instead of by herself/with the other members) so that she could pass their point system. 


    Viewing this as anything other than poor planning by Alex's management is silly. In order to work, she needs her employer to sponsor her and basically submit documents to the government for her. 


    And instead of having Hyeme break the news and the members bare the brunt of the inevitable scorn from casual fans, DR should release an official statement so that people know that the company is actually working on this situation instead of treating Alex like an afterthought which was the general consensus during Start a Fire.

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  14. AOA’s Choa Shares How Hyorin’s Vocal Abilities Once Left Her In Shock




    AOA’s Choa recently showered SISTAR’s Hyorin with praise for her vocal abilities.


    On January 26, AOA was a guest on MBC FM4U’s “Tei’s Dreaming Radio,†where the members talked about their comeback track “Excuse Me†and more.


    During the broadcast, AOA’s Choa was asked if she was considered to be in the top 3 vocalists of K-pop girl groups. In response, she jokingly commented, “I can’t even count my age with one hand, but it’s the same thing [in terms of my vocal abilities].â€


    When asked to name a vocalist who she liked, Choa picked SISTAR’s Hyorin. She then talked about an experience she had with the SISTAR member, saying, “[before debut] I saw Hyorin sing at an open audition. I thought one can achieve anything if they gave it their all, but Hyorin’s talent was too remarkable. It was shocking. Whenever I see her, I still think she sings so well. She might be younger than me, but I’m always learning from her.â€


    Meanwhile, AOA is currently promoting with their first studio album, which contains their double title tracks “Excuse Me†and “Bing Bing.â€

  15. Iam excited for hyo concert

    are you planning on going? I'm planning on going to the NY one, at first I wasn't sure because of the potential setlist. But I figure, this could be a once in a lifetime opportunity to easily see Hyolyn live and for a reasonable price. Plus the people putting this together are a legit agency and not scam artists like most concert promoters who bring kpop idols to the U.S. I just pray that she shows a little love to Love&Hate, there's no need to perform Sistar songs, she has soo many good ones on her own, lol

  16. may I ask you hyotties where this pic come from??


    it's from this project: https://youtu.be/J0HmbwZEw_c 




    I can't find that exact picture though.




    also I came in here to tell any Hyotties who haven't purchased Paradise that Starship basically made it available for free on SXSW's website (http://schedule.sxsw.com/2017/artists/15919)

  17. I get forever pressed when JongKook is the spy. Esp for secret Name Tag ripping, nobody has any chance to stand against him. His physical prowess is one of the best when it comes to Name Tag ripping. If it isn't Gary or Choo Sung Hoon, hardly anyone stand a chance against him. I lowkey wished it was Haha. 

    I still remember in Ep 218 when I didn't even need to guess who the culprit was when Gary got eliminated. Name Tag ripping is one of my fav game of all time. But they should have handicapped Jongkook a bit. They gave R man to give a boost to his X man Character. Overall I enjoyed the episode. I hope they do Super Hero episode again. 

    tag ripping is such a hard game to make fun, interesting and new. I think the PDs should strive to follow the example of the one fan who produced the games (I cannot remember which episode it was). She managed to make her episode both familiar and new with the games that people love but not predictable. If she's still around, RM should hire her for consultation, lol.

  18. The issue is. The public and even other contestants have called out Mnet for favoring members who're signed under Mnet.


    If that statement is true that they were signed prior to the show, then it's an insane conflict of interest.


    Because not only did they not disclose that the girls were Mnet staff, but actively said that they were labeless.


    Add to the fact that all 4 were part of the initial line up meant that Mnet had 4/10 initial contestants on their pay roll.


    Any way you slice it that's a serious conflict of interest. Cause Mnet has a personal stake in those girls doing well.

    this kind of makes me mad because, yes it's true that no one with a brain thinks this show is 100% really real and unscripted. But I feel like with these reality shows the idea is that they have an illusion of reality. It could be that these conversations and diss battles are natural consequences of competition but obviously scriptwriters/PDs have to prod the contestants to do certain things to make it more dramatic and interesting. This season of UPRS has been so messy and the reveal that four of them work for the company that put this together is so annoying. Someone here said that this season gets a lot of attention because of fandom fighting and I'm thinking this is a mutually beneficial act of pulling the wool over the viewers' eyes. Mnet made sure to bring in all of these idols/relevant celebs so that people would watch them and discover the acts that they signed. Mnet made sure to bring in rappers with a real and present potential so that their artists could beat them and then be considered good (by being "better" than someone who the public considers good).


    All of the contestants have gained something and suffered from this show. For some of them it was because of a lack of talent but for others it was because Mnet was deliberately casting them as the villain to their pre-chosen hero. IMO, the reason why people like rap and hip-hop is because of the dream of self-sufficiency. That idea of, "I've pulled myself up by my own bootstraps and thanks to me and my hard work I've made it." I think that's why people find hip-hop refreshing because it's not supposed to be about connections or networking, it's supposed to be about talent, hard work and perseverance. I know that Mnet is a company and they gotta do whatever they need to for the bottom line but I'm so miffed that they warped (and took advantage of) the idea of their own show so much. I can't even blame them because this is what they're supposed to do as a business but it's so icky. 

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  19. They tried to be like Infinity Challenge, where the real game could be on separated episode and make some development/build up before that episode. But it just doesn't work with RM's current pace.


    I miss the time when '2 episodes special' is about picking their own team members, solving missions, sleep, and then PDs put some twist when they wake up.

    I agree, the RM cast is funny but an entire episode of basically only setting up the mission is just not that interesting.  It reminded me of Strong Heart which is fine for Strong Heart but RM is not that. The PDs were clever to take advantage of the cast wrt casting guests but it was soooo long.


    And I really want to know what Kwangsoo said to get Uee to come, it seemed like she expected exactly the opposite of what she got and she was trying to leave to get her other schedules but they wouldn't let her. lol

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