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  1. Can someone explain me how Daichi Miura is having a boost in his sales right now?I mean,he has all his most famuos single in top 40 and his last two album on Top 10 on ITunes right now!!I'm so happy but also surprised about this :0 i know that yesterday they aired on japanese tv a report of a comediam that followed him on one concert of recent tour (He even take part of the exhibition of (RE)PLAY,with hilarious result oiovusly) but didn't except all this LOL

  2. Didn't except that Belgium in the top 10,considering the performance wasn't that Good :0 At least song was nice and deserved it

    Didn't except that Belgium in the top 10,considering the performance wasn't that Good :0 At least song was nice and deserved it

  3. After days of doubts,i finally made up my mind and decided to decided to wait for buy a PS4 to play Persona 5. I noticed that i have enough games to buy a new console.Plus,my ps3 is in my parents house and it bothered me play Games without costance due to my university aboard.

    I will envy you all that you already playing the games basicaly,hoping that the summer (and the money) comes soon LOL :V

  4. How did you even get that far? Maybe I'm just too obsessive compulsive, but I was always stopping myself to fiddle with my equipment skills in that game. Eventually I just set it aside.

    I didn't even understand how The skill system works LOL. The only thing i do is usally get the fusion to level up The weapons and The equipment.
  5. The final boss of Tales Of Zestiria and his special arts is SO annoying. Can't with the fact that my party is on level 70 and i should still go for some grinding *sigh *

    In other news, i maneged to fix my pc after two months of suffering and various crash \(0)/ hoping to finally complete the games that i left behind.

  6. Well i was searching this topic just to See what you though about Italy's entry this Italy :P

    As an Italian, i like the song,it's becoming a great hit here And also considering the Sanremo's songs this year,it was the Best choice for Eurivision entry.

    Not so sure of how we will chart though. The lyrics of the song aren't Easy to translate in english and so The meaning behind hit.Right now in some interwiews,Gabbani's team are doubtful about translate some of it in English,but many people are against this beacuse it may ruin the Melody.

    Also with the Ape Thing we may be Misunderstood and seen As a joke entry.

    I'm confindent about a top 10,but it will be pretty impossibile win the Contest. We will see

  7. Oricon is treating its Digital Album Chart like a daily chart and deleting it after two weeks. How annoying.

    WHAT??? They can't be serious ,now that the things were going To be intersting :(



    EDIT:wait,you mean the fact that you can't see anymore the old weeks charts?? I misunderstood thinkin They wanna alredy delete the chart and i was shocked XD

  8. It is a snes game so they are generally shorter than modern jrpgs. I actually never beat 4. I got pretty far in it but i dropped it when Trails in the Sky FC game out and i never went back lol. 


    Did you ever get to play SC btw? 

    Not yet unfourtunally :/ 

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  9. I didn't take it personally though... You just provided the perfect opportunity to say something that has been on my mind and other members as well. I never take anything on this forum personally because like I said, it's not that deep.




    Second year is always a messy year. lol Time will probably go faster from here on out.

    I was talking too much yestarday and now the mess is already beginning at the start of my thrid year,I CAN'T,SOMEONE GIVE ME THE STRENGHT!!

    BTW do you like/follow BB?? I see your gif game is on point  :donthinkso:

  10. Imagine a world filled with different people who have different opinions. Imagine people making jokes about a non-serious subject.




    Do I hate Namie? No.

    Will I joke around about her and still listen to some of her music? Yes


    People need to stop dismissing those who express the slightest criticism of Namie, EXILE, and the likes. People are allowed to be annoyed with the post, but I find it pretty hypocritical that those who get up in arms about criticism about Namie and EXILE find no qualms about joking about other artist or expressing criticism against them.



    Ultimately, it's not that deep. Not one act is really better than another, just different, and all of this isn't directed at you, just a general thought. Hope college is treating you well. <3




    But i wasn't serious or offended at all LOL   I m sad that you had take my answer too personal,i was just jokin about the fact the usual shady talks about the same arguments in this forum  over and over and again, like "Namie sucks and has no talent,Why no one accepts Kana as a quuen of J-pop" and other stuff like that. Of course everyone has their opnion about something,but reading the same thing over and over again is a bit ripetive and like an obsession at the end.  And It's not like i'm  sayin that as an obssesive delusional Namie Stan that say "YAAASSS QUEENNNN!1!!1!" for everything she say or does, i can dislike  sometime her too.

    And after said that:



    P.S. Speaking about college, i could said i had a messy second year.....but now that a new one is about to begin, everything looks okay for now. :lol:

  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XxtJIE2cSkA

    The gear system looks pretty cool especially if we can change colors and add different special moves :ahmagah:   thank god the models are bigger too, felt like I was looking at action figures in the original lol  :imstupid: Just wish they made it a bit more colorful, it has that same gritty realistic look that MKX had that I'm not that big of a fan of

    TBH i don't really like this gear system,remind me too much of the Gem of Street Fighter X Tekken .I supposse that Ed Boon won't go in a "Pay 2 Win" mess like Capcom,but you never know :donthinkso:

  12. Had the pleasure of playing this last year. Honestly ended up as one of my fave PS3 games. Combat is much more satisfying than in Musou and the characters/story alot more fun. Kinda tempted to import SB4 at some point.


    Me too.The Sumeragi rediction seems like to be a lot fun with all those characters.Oh,they gonna release a Yukimura Sanada spin off this month,i wonder how it gonna be.
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