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    Yeoboseoyo.. I-I mean hello? Who's there? Oh.. Arasso. Uh- I mean okay. Yes.. Alright... Nae. I mean yes.. Jinjayo? I mean.. Really? Ahh jinja... Ottokhaji... Aish! Mianhaeyo.. Uh- I-I'm sorry! I mean... What do we do? Arasso.. I mean okay.. Alright, see you. Annyeong! I mean.. Bye!

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Trophies and Medals

  1. BTS - Love Yourself: Her

  2. TXT - The Dream Chapter: Magic

    The Dream Chapter: Magic is the first full length studio album by TXT. It was released on October 21,2019.

  3. BTS Light Stick

  4. SQUID GAME PARK 2021: Circle

    SQUID GAME PARK 2021: Circle pin

  5. BTS - Love Yourself: Answer

    BTS - Love Yourself: Answer

  6. OH ADVENT CALENDAR 2021: Blue Ohbi

    A pin received on the first day of the OH Advent Calendar event.

  7. NCT Light Stick

  8. Twice - Page Two

  9. Virgo

    August 23 - September 22
  10. Seventeen - Love & Letter

    Seventeen - Love & Letter

  11. Pink Mini Crewmate

    Pet of the Among OH! Event

  12. Mental Health Awareness Ribbon

    A Ribbon to spread awareness about mental health.
    While each country has their own campaign to raise awareness, if you are unsure where to start, you can check the Mental Health Foundation website that contains many information about mental health. From prevention to guides about how to get help, many resources can be found for yourself and others.
    You may also find information and a place to exchange about mental health on The Official Mental and Physical Health Support Thread.

  13. Jimin Signature

    A signature of Jimin from BTS

  14. V Locket

    A locket of V from BTS.

  15. Reindeer

    Merry Christmas 2018!

  16. Xiangling

    Xiangling from Genshin Impact

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